Is financial freedom a myth or a reality? This question is the topic for today. As many people have asked this numerous times and have found different answers. People are not taught to be financially free as they should be, creating a lack of knowledge and understanding on how to live financially free. The majority of people are financially enslaved due to the highly toxic system in place. It is the main reason there is a need for a complete financial freedom movement, as it will create an awareness of how to be financially free and act accordingly.

Financial Freedom: Myth or Reality?

1) Financial freedom is not about having money; it is about having a quality of life. It does not mean that I should be living in poverty, but the ability to live freely and enjoy each day’s journey.

2) One can achieve Financial freedom through many different methods. Achieving financial freedom will take hard work to reach your goal, but this is how most people can achieve their goals in life.

3) many factors contribute to financial freedom. The three main factors contributing to financial freedom are freedom of time, freedom from worry, and the freedom to live anywhere.

4) The two main ways to achieve financial freedom are through business and real estate. You could also achieve financial freedom by being a consumer of other people’s products, but I do not recommend this at all.

5) Financial freedom is not entirely achieved until you have enough passive income coming in that it can replace the need for your active income. For example, if your active income is $10,000 per month, you would need to develop a passive stream of income that can replace $10,000 per month.

6) There are many misconceptions and financial lies that society has been taught. For example, you need a large amount of money to invest in becoming wealthy or a high-paying job to live a decent life. These are financial lies as they lead people into a financially enslaved life.

7) Financial freedom is achieved by pursuing your passions and taking advantage of your time here on this planet.

8) Financial freedom is not easy, but it is achievable if you work towards it and do what you enjoy with your time here on this planet.

9) One of the main reasons why people are financially enslaved is because of the highly toxic educational system. This system does not teach most people the financial knowledge they need to live a financially free life.

10) The only way to achieve financial freedom is by taking action. It would help if you took action to play the financial game to win the financial game. There is competition because people are taking action, not sitting on their butts like most people.

How to stop living paycheck to paycheck, how to stop living in debt, and how to achieve financial freedom are all fundamental questions. The best way to answer these questions is to take action and join the financial freedom movement, as it will create a full circle of awareness on how to be financially free. The three main steps are 1 develop a plan and 2 take massive action to create an automated income.

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