In a world of fierce competition, attracting customers to your company over the dozens of others reached online requires standing out for positive reasons. Those who provide the best customer experience will win more customers and market share than those who don’t prioritize their customers. Being a market leader requires hard work; however, there are plenty of ways to reduce this workload. Embracing automation in various business areas relieves pressure on companies while improving the customer experience they provide.

Inform And Retain

A customer who comes looking for a specific product only to find it out of stock will remember to check back for a short time but will ultimately get or look elsewhere. Retaining such customers is easy with a simple, automatically generated email to inform them when products are back in stock. The customer can safely forget about checking back manually and are less likely to look elsewhere. 

Painless Payment

For companies that sell subscription-type services or send large invoice volumes each month, invoicing can require a lot of staff and time. And in such a high-pressure environment, errors are more likely to occur, resulting in lost revenue or disgruntled customers. Using Service Now Customer Service Solutions makes automating these processes a breeze, keeps the cost down, and vastly reduces errors. Customers appreciate knowing where they stand with bills and remain loyal when problems don’t occur.

Live Chat

Utilizing AI tech streamlines online chat functions immensely by getting the conversation started and determining the purpose of the chat. For companies that receive large volumes of live chat requests daily, this allows conversations to be directed to the correct specialist quickly and efficiently. Small businesses may only have one or two people online to answer while also attending to other tasks. The AI picking up the conversation gives this person a heads up to the incoming chat and not leaving the customer waiting.


Emails are a mainstay of communication, sending information instantaneously to as many recipients as desired. There are many occasions where manually sending batches of emails is required, but automating the process is often better. Mailing lists for advertising need little input beyond the initial setup and uploading of new content. Automation of address collection and batch sending means only target groups receive information, rather than having people frustrated at a cluttered inbox.

Helpdesk Ticketing

IT and machinery problems are some of the biggest causes of unscheduled downtime. Automating internal processes that keep staff working has the knock-on effect of allowing them to attend to customers’ needs effectively. An automated Helpdesk Ticketing system makes logging issues quick and easy for all staff and ensures fast resolution. This helpdesk technology can also be utilized directly with customers, letting them log service issues from a laptop or tablet in the same way.

Indeed, introducing automation into all manner of business processes allows companies to improve their customer experience rating significantly. From making it easier to get a resolution to problems or only receive targeted emails, it provides a personal touch while reducing workload and errors.

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