In June 2020 Sydney’s local government released its COVID-19 response plan. The plan aims to aid the economic and social recovery of the city. It has six action points that aim to help the citizens cope with the pandemic. One of the action points is all about reviving the city’s tourism industry through advertisement and promotions. This objective is achievable with the utilization of well placed digital marketing strategy. Businesses can be given a new lease of life with the help of companies specializing in SEO in Sydney. This strategy is cost-efficient and effective. 

According to a a report, Sydney has 779 enterprises related to tourism, which generated $22.8 billion in revenues. Moreover, an estimate of 28% of the said amount is said to come from domestic tourists. However, due to the global pandemic, tourism revenues are not the same and have hampered the city’s average annual growth rate in 2020.

The question now is why SEO in Sydney would be the best strategy in rebuilding the tourism industry.

Gains of Businesses Through SEO

Marketers describe search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a cost-efficient way of promoting a business. It is a great way to produce brand awareness among the public because 59.5% of the total worldwide population actively use the internet. Also, 89% of Australians actively browse the internet. Therefore, local businesses in Sydney can promote their products to anyone worldwide through an online platform. It is also a good venue to advertise the city’s tourist attractions because it helps portray Sydney as a safe place to visit.

The following are the benefits that local businesses in Sydney can obtain through the utilization of SEO as their digital marketing strategy:

  • Builds Trust

Obtaining consumers’ loyalty is a great deal for various businesses, because trust is a fundamental aspect in doing business. Search engines help create trust among consumers. Oftentimes consumers reject social media posting as they are sometimes labeled as fake news, even if it is not. However, search engines like Google and Bing ensure that the business offers legit products or services. Therefore, people can be assured that they are not being scammed by people online.

  • Accurate Match

Sometimes, consumers get annoyed by random advertisements popping out of their screen, leading them to use software to block them. By using SEO as a digital marketing platform, only those who have searched for the same content that a business is offering would see the ad. Hence, it is a much better way of building a consumer-producer relationship. Compared to other digital marketing strategies, which are usually more expensive, SEO is more cost-efficient because it is only targeting an audience that is interested with the product or service being advertised.

  • Integrative Development

SEO can also be a venue to help other businesses in reaching out to more people. In another type of SEO, known as off-page optimization, a link of a business’ site is included in another enterprise’s website. It helps build a better relationship among different business industries because they are helping each other out. Subsequently, it helps the business to build more connections, which would aid them in attaining more public engagement. Also, it is a great strategy for local businesses in Sydney to strengthen their relationship.

  • Technological Maximization

Using the best out of the available resources is important for business owners, especially if it can help make a better profit. In this current digital age, there has been a tremendous number of changes in technology, which paved the way for many opportunities for various businesses to utilize. Thus, business owners must fully utilize these advancements and pick the most helpful one, which SEO can provide.

To sum it up, SEO is beneficial to both consumers and businesses because of its role on the internet, which is to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic. Subsequently, it can also greatly help with the recovery of Sydney’s economy. 

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