For investors, having a varied investment portfolio is one of the many ways to increase your money’s value. It also lessens the risks, as well as turn your investments into dividend-producing undertakings. Every smart investor knows that the money you save on banks will only depreciate in value over time; that’s why investing is the key to grow it.

If you’re an investor starting out, looking for potential businesses to invest in can be a head-scratcher. There are many things you need to consider: financial statements, competitive advantages, capital share, dividends, etc. It can become quickly overwhelming, that’s why we’ve collated the best businesses in the industry for you to invest in.

Start-up businesses.

With start-up businesses, you are investing in something that’s a passion project. In the past decade or so, many start-up businesses became giants in their own industries – Dropbox, UpWork, etc. Technology is what we are pursuing as a species, and there is great money to earn from this industry. You’d be remiss as an investor if you’re not keen on this.

Invest in a start-up. Gamble at least half of your investment money on a good technology start-up and see what it will give you in the next three years. Chances are, your money will grow tenfold. One of the surefire ways to scout the best start-ups needing investors? A great dummies guide to investing is to apply for membership on investor groups that will connect you to events, key people, and open meetings.


Outsourced services have been in the spotlight for quite some time now. The boom of the Internet era provided companies the ability to outsource labor from all over the world. Most outsourced works involve web designing and development, accounting, digital marketing, even communications. Search engine optimization is an industry within the tech industry that’s leading this charge, and it does not show signs of slowing down.

Investing in an outsourcing service almost always guarantees that you have minimal labor costs and high yields. When you connect with people that already have a network of contacts overseas, it’s pretty much a given that the business that they’re going to build will be a success. Small, medium, and big businesses are now realizing the power of SEO and how it can help in their day-to-day operations. And that’s a goldmine right there if you’ve ever seen one.


Writing copies for sales pitches, websites, blogs, and magazines on the Internet is a better business today than it was a few years ago. Again, the Internet is to blame on this. The information superhighway provided the framework for people to look for data and information directly on their smartphones.

There are at least a billion searches daily. That entails people looking for answers, asking questions, and looking for products and services. Copywriting is nowhere dead because of the Internet, and it will not go into bankruptcy soon. If you’re a savvy investor, you should be looking at copywriting businesses to invest in sooner, other than later.

Cleaning services.

With the world becoming more and more spoiled with instant gratification, the majority of people in cities nowadays are spending their time in front of their screens more than their families and friends. Social media is a proper distraction, and because it offers an unlimited source of content, most people will neglect other important things in their lives to feel more connected.

One of the things that’s a casualty in this phenomenon? Cleaning. There is money in cleaning businesses. The untapped potential is there as well. Most investors don’t realize that people nowadays loathe cleaning so much that they’re willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money for other people to do it for themselves.

Family-owned businesses.

The magic in a family-owned business is that the community that they’re serving will always have their backs. That makes these types of businesses good investments. While most investors won’t have the chance to look at family-owned businesses for their portfolios – not because they’re unavailable but because they’re sorely always overlooked – it pays to give these small firms priority.

What you are investing in when you’re dipping your toes with family-owned businesses is a chance for long-term pay-offs. Research involving businesses that are family-owned when compared to those which are not, state that the former always outperform the latter in terms of returns, assets and the general environment within the business.


Investing in any business carries with it a number of risks. There are no sure investments, only sure investors. Investing in a business is one of the many ways to grow your money, but it will require you to have great knowledge and business acumen as well. Start investing your money on the businesses mentioned above today.

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