Precious metals have been with us ever since the dawn of time. They sparkle in the sun, and we are attracted to things that are particularly beautiful. In the 1850s, loads of people got together and whirled water from rivers into copper pans, thinking they were going to strike gold.

Although the United States has progressed a lot in the last 170 years, one of the things that haven’t changed is the role of gold. Back then, every printed currency was backed by a quantity of this precious metal. That all changed when President Nixon decided to abandon the gold standard and introduced fiat currency. Click on this link to read more.

From then on, this precious metal serves as a hedge against inflation and plays an important role in the global economy. Now, many new investors are wondering how to invest in it, as well as all of the dangers and rewards they might be exposed to. 

What makes gold so valuable?

If we look back at history, there’s no practical reason why people used gold. It is a weak metal that’s highly malleable, and one of its best qualities is that it doesn’t rust. It’s immune to corrosion. If you don’t make it into an alloy, it’s going to be easy to bend it.

At that time, people wanted to have more of it because it resembled the sun on earth. They thought that when gods were making the universe, they used hammers and the sparks that were flying from the sun landed on earth.

That’s why ancient pharaohs were buried with all of their possessions, and everything was coated in this metal. As time went by, it became harder and harder to extract this metal from the ground. The harder anything is to get, the more valuable it becomes. Visit this page for more info

In the Middle Ages, the Europeans wanted to wear jewelry because that was a symbol of wealth. That’s why so many expeditions were sent to the Middle East and India to colonize the countries and exploit them for their gold. When international trade was established, other countries realized that gold was used as a medium of exchange, and their economies started to pick up.

This facilitated even more trade, and people started storing it. Even when printed money started to circulate, it was always backed up by its connection to the shiny metal bars. History always repeats itself, and it’s our job to learn from it. The wealthiest people always kept their riches in assets, and that’s what today’s investors are trying to do. 

What originates the demand?

When you invest in something, the first thing you have to figure out is the supply and the demand. If the supply is low and the demand is high, prices are going to become astronomical. When it comes to gold, more than half of it is used in jewelry.

The other 40 percent get used to making bullion and coins. That’s what investors are hoping to get. You can visit Blanchard Gold reviews for more information.  Having a gold bar on your own is a perfect way to ensure that you’ll be wealthy in the future, especially if a new crisis comes around.

On the other hand, collectors prefer coins which have a higher value depending on the design, style, and time when it was created. The purity of the metals isn’t that important. In collector’s items, the most important factors are who made them and how old it is.

Investing in these options can be thought of as having a safe haven. With the rise of cryptocurrencies, paper money may become obsolete in the next fifty years. It’s up to you to create an investment strategy that will ensure you live a wealthy life.

Suppose gold has been used throughout history to conduct commerce. Who’s to say that it won’t be used again. When the financial markets get turbulent, the prices of precious metals go up. That’s why savvy investors prefer to push the prices of gold up and make profits.

The final ten percent of this metal gets used in different industries such as electronics, heat shields, and dentistry. That’s because of the conductive and corrosion-resistant features. 

Should you invest in it?

If you look at the prices closely, they fluctuate rapidly day by day. However, when you zoom out and look at the bigger picture, the prices are constantly going up. When crafting a portfolio, you need to make sure that you touch upon every field.

That includes real estate, stocks, precious metals, index funds, and cryptocurrencies. Whenever one market fails, others will rise. That’s the way the world works. Because banks and governments have relied too much on lending and debt, a new economic crisis is on the way.

Having assets that go up in price during those times is an extremely powerful thing to do. Humans are always going to wear jewelry. That’s a part of our society. Even if there is a brief decrease in demand at some time, it’s going to rebound since trends are circular.

Most experts recommend putting at least five percent of your entire portfolio into precious metals. This could be either owning them physically, an ETF or buying stocks of mining companies. All of these niches are tied to the prices of gold, and you can monitor them at any time. When you invest, remember to put money that you’re not going to need for the next five to ten years. 

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