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Jay Park Net Worth

Jay Park, born in the year 1987 on the date April 25th. He is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, record, entrepreneur in Korea. He is the chief executive officer of the independent hip hop label, which is named AMOG and H1ghr Music. He gained his fandom through the band known as boy band 2 pm, which is under the label JYP ENTERTAINMENT. After interning there for 4years, he returned to Korea to announce to Korean media that he was exciting the group. Then Jay returned to Korea for the shooting and filming of the Hyper nation, and then he signed the contract with SidusHQ, one of the largest agencies in South Korea.

Early Life

He was born in1987 in the EDMONDS, WASHINGTON, which is present in Metropolitan Area. He had a great interest in hip hop and breakdance. He had attended the EDMONDS WOODWAY. In that place, he spent most of his time, where he learned the dance with his friends. He is very keen to listen to songs and write raps there. He became the first member of the Seattle b-boy crew Art of Movement. He used to skip his class to contribute to the competition. For this, he used to get scolding from his mother. His mother wants him to do great in Academics but lacks interest there, and he had an interest here. He had struggled financially in his childhood. He had completed his graduation from Dankook University. 


He appeared in the Mnet Hot Blood Men. It was a documentary-style reality program. He, along with the members, was distributed into the groups as 2 AM and 2 PM. He became the leader in the groups with maximum votes. In the year 2008, he makes 10out of 10 songs. He had made many songs albums. In the year 2009, he had a long with Kara made a culturally motivated show called Nodaji. He had made an apology due to his negative comments in his Myspace account. He won many awards regarding his career. He made his YouTube appearance in the year March 15th. He named his Youtube channel “JAYPARKAOM.” IN the track, the first uploaded his version of“NOTHIN ON YOU.” This video reached 2milliom views in less than 24hrs. He was nominated and won many awards such as Asia Model Awards in the year 2012, Mashable Awards in the year 2011, Korean Hip-hop Awards, O Music Awards in 2011.

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Personal Life

In his childhood, he was a great fan of hip-hop music and dance. A person named Brian Ortega is accused of slapping Park. He was a good friend of UFC featherweight fighter Chan Sung Jung. He is well known as KOREAN ZOMBIE. Park is very talented in his language. He knows English, Korean and can also learn to learn Mandarin. He didn’t have any interest in studies but wanted to attend hip-hop dance. He got very much scolded by his mother for not following his studies.

Net Worth

The net worth of Jay park is $10million, which he gained from hip hop songs and his YouTube 

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