Jim had made his career as an American Investor and a Financial Commentator. He had invested in Singapore. He is the chairperson of the Beeland Intrest. He is also the co-founder of another company which is known as Quantum Funds and also a management company named Soros Fund Management. He had created the index named Rogers International Commodities. 

Jim Rogers’s Early Life

Jim was born with the name James Beeland Rogers. Hebwad was brought down on this earth on 19th October of 1942. He was born in the land of Baltimore, which is present in Maryland. Though he was born in imore, he was raised in the land of Demopolis, which is in Alabama. He had done his graduation from Yale University. He had gained his bachelor’s degree in the History subject. After his graduation, he started his work on Wall Street, which was present in the Dominick &Dominick. This was his first work. After that, in the year 1966, he had gained a second bachelor’s degree in the subject which is Philosophy, politics and then economics. He had done his radiation at the University of Oxford as he was a member of the Balliol College. He had received his doctorate from the Pusan National University. He was honoured because of the work that he had contributed to the book that he had written. 

Jim Roger’s Career

He had started his career by joining the company Dominick &Dominick LLC. The company was present on Wall Street. Their eye learned about the stock market and the shares. He was also part of a War which was the Vietnam War from 1966 to 1968. He had joined a bank which was the investment bank named as Arnhold and S. Bleichroder. He had worked with the George Soron in the year 1973. He along with Soros and Rogead, left the work he was doing before. Afterward, he founded the company named Quantum Funds. It was the global funds, and he decided to put a work stop to his working offline and travelling on a motorcycle around the world. He was also appointed as a Guest Professor in finance at Columbia Business School. In the year 1985, his company Vienna Exchange. In the years 1989 and the year 1990, he was the moderator in the WCBS “The Dreyfus Roundtable”, and the FNN’s Subject is named The Profit Motive. He has written many books such as Investment Biker, Adventure Capitalist, Hot Commodities, A Bull In China, A Gift To My Children and many more books

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Jim Rogers‘s Personal Life

In his life, he was married around three times. First, he got married to Lois Beineer in 1966, and they separated in the year 1969. After that, he married Skolnik, and they divorced in 1977. After that, he again got married to Paige Parker in 2000. The couple was blessed with two daughters. 

Jim Roger’s Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $300 million, which he had gained from the business that he had created, and the investment that he had made into the shares that he believes will grow in future. 

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