Jon B Net Worth

Jon is also known as Jonathan David Buck. By profession, he is a rapper, singer as well as a songwriter. He had made his first appearance in the album known as Bonafide in the year 1995, which was Platinum. He is also a record producer, and he has worked under several labels and collaborated with many artists.

Early Life

Buck was born in Providence, which is in Rhode Island, in the United States. He was brought up in Altadena, California. His family had a musical background. His father’s name is David. His father is a professor, and his mother is a concert pianist. He had a sibling whose name was Deborah. By profession, he is also a violinist. He had a brother whose name is Kevin, who is a cellist. He had a mixed culture of Dutch and Jewish. In his childhood, through his singing talent, he caught many eyes of the artist. Tracy Edmonds was very impressed by Jon B. He was the president and Ceo of the Yab-Yum Records.


In his childhood, he used his summer vacation he was writing and producing and record songs. He used to record and have 40and above pieces. Before becoming a successful rapper, he used to register and make pieces. He caught the eyes of the audience in the mid of 1990. He released his first song in the year 1995, which was known as Bonafide. This song hit and broke many records. 

This song gained a Grammy-nominated single. He had also won a Grammy award for the music “ Someone to love.” This song has sold over 1million copies. This was also recorded as an album of sale. He released his second album, which was known as Cool Relax, in the year1997—calm, relaxed, many mixed reviews from the audience. Many audiences got positive reviews. Cool Relax is the most successful album he has ever produced. It is dedicated as the certificate as the double Platinum by the RIAA. He had collaborated with many artists such as 2Pac, Babyface, Tim&Bob. He had worked under several labels such as E1, Vibezelect, Arsenal, Edmonds Music, Sanctuary, YabYum, 550, Epic.

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Personal Life

JOHN B is a family man. After he completed his work, he gave his time to His family after his appointment. His family supports him in every situation. He got married to his love of life, who helped him in his wrong time also. He got married to Danette Jackson. He always says that his family always inspires him to keep in touch with his passion. The couple got blessed with two daughters. He always admires them. Once he got mentally depressed, his family helped him to get out of this. He always says that there is a lot of politics in the music industry. In that tough time, his family always stood by him.

Net Worth

THE total net worth of John B is all-around $4 million. He had creativity which gained many followers for him. He is the winner of the most prestigious awards. He is filled with talent, and the most fantastic thing is that he is a family who lives his family very much.

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