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Jon Lovitz Net Worth

He was known as Jonathan Micheal Lovitz. He is an American actor, a comedian, and a fantastic singer. He had worked in several movies and worked in television. He is in the series called the Simpsons.

Early Life

He was born in the year 1957, on July 21st. He worked in several movies, television series and worked as a singer. He worked in several films, But his role on Saturday night was best known for him. He was born in Los Angeles. His family ancestors are Jewish, and then they transferred to Romania, Hungary, and then Russia. His grandfather transferred from Romania to the UNITED states, then he changed his name. His friend was his life, be, and his best friend traveled to Israel and Europe. He had completed his graduation from the University of California. He managed his studies along with his dream career acting. He was a member of the comedy troupe.


He was a factor of the Saturday Night live from 1985 to the year 1990. In an interview, he said that the book released was the most memorable for him. He started to earn money when His book was released. When he began his career, he had no money to survive. But then suddenly, all things changed, and he was offered a big-budget movie $500,000 film. He was nominated for several awards and some awards he won and some he didn’t. Jon was a nominee of the Emmy Awards. He had several works. He had worked in the movies; he had worked in the Theater; he worked in the series; he worked in the comedy shows. Jon had a great taste in the music. He had done many commercial works for which he had donated and raised funds. In some of the movies, he had given his voice. He had given his voice in the Jay Sherman in the “The Critic.” He was a radio personality; he had given his voice in the Disney movie The brave little Toaster.

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Personal Life

He lives in Beverly Hills, which is situated in California. His friend circle is with Sean Penn, Adam Sandler, Penny Marshall, Phil Hartman. He always considered Phil as a big brother to him. He is a great supporter of the Democratic Party. He is against Barack Obama and said naughty words for him. He accused Barack Obama of contending money and not paying taxes which is An extraordinary accusation against him. He said once that “if you don’t dare to laugh at yourself, then don’t watch comedy channel, change the channel.”


  • Three Amigos
  • The brave little Toaster
  • BIG
  • My Stepmother is an alien
  • Me Destiny

Many more films, he had done many movies, recently he had KEVIN POLLAK’S CHAT SHOW.

Net Worth

The net worth of Jon Lovitz is around $12 million. He had worked in many movies, voice-over artists, comedy shows, and he had done many movies from where he had earned.

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