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Lil real name is Bradon Christopher Mc Cartney. H was brought up in this World on 17th August 1989. He is more by the name which is known as Lil B. By profession; he is a rapper. He had recorded with Bay Area Group. He had done Hip hop, New Age, Indie Rock. He had other names such as “The Based God,” “Lil B The Based God,” “Young Based God .”He interprets his works as “based .”He uses his social media power to increase his followers. He related many songs and raps such as rain in EnglanDangers Exodus, and I’m Gay, Choices and Clowers, Hoop Life, Black Ken, and many more.

Early Life

Lil real name is Bradon Christopher McCartney. He was brought up in this World on 17th August 1989. He was born in Berkeley, which is in California. He had completed his schooling at Albany High School, which is present in Albany. He was tiny when he started to rap. He was only 15 years old; he started his career. He had started his career with San Francisco, Bay Area. His parents are from Jamaica. He had ancestry that was related to Jamaica.


He was only 15 years old when he started his can Francisco Bay Area. He had given successful mixtapes. He had done the song which js named “Vans .”The song became ha it and gained much popularity. The song was ranked the fifth position in the t006. He then releases the Skates boards 2 Scrapers. He had released his first tech album named “I’mThraxx .”He had removed his second album, which was named 6 Kiss. He then signed to the artist whose name was Soulja Boy. He had written a book who’s. And was Takin Over By Imposing The Positive. He released the text in the year 2009. He published his book under the publications Kele Publishing. He used to Give motivational speeches in different colleges. He gave lectures on Money, awareness, love, technology, space. He had worked under several labels such as Basedworld, Permanent Marks, Weird Forest, Stracks on Desk, Fool’s Gold, Amalgam. He collaborated with The Pack, Chance the Rapper, Clams Casino, Soulja Boy. Sometimes his albums got hits and gained much public attention. When he relaxed the album, I’m gay, he received many death threats. When he said he was a Gay, he supported the LGBT community.

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Personal Life

He had said in one of his albums that he is gay. He had faced many accidents in his lifetime. He survived a fire accident when the electric fire spread throughout the building. He, along with six others, save other people. He was also in the 2016 presidential election endorsing civil rights.

Net Worths

The total net worth of Lil B is around $4 million. He got from his rapping career, book, and speech that he used to give to the upcoming future.

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