Max is known as Maximillian Adalbert Baer Jr. By profession, he is known for his acting, producing, and directing skills. He had also done comedy shows as well as films in his career. He got much attention by playing the role of Jethro Bodine in the movie The Beverly Hillbillies.

Early Life:

Max’s real name is Maximillian Adalbert Baer Jr. He was brought up in this world on 4th December 1937. He was born in Oakland, which is in California. He was born in the hospital of Oakland. He was delivered to the greatest boxer, Max Baer, and his mother, Mary Ellen Sullivan. He had a mixture of German, Scottish, and Irish ancestry. He had a sibling whose name was Manny Baer. He was born in 1941 but died in the year2009. He had Maude Baer as his sibling. In his relative, he had an uncle whose name was Buddy Bear. His uncle was also a boxer and actor. He attended Christian Brothers High School. He learned their sports, for which he won the crown of the championship. He had completed his graduation from Santa Clara University. He had completed Business Administration which was his primary subject, and he had done a minor in Philosophy.


He appeared first time on the screen in the Goldilocks and the three bears. This film was shot in the Blackpool Pavilion, which was in England. The film was the shooter in the year 1949. He more accurately started his career more seriously from the year 1960. He started his career at Warner Bros. He had made several television shows such as Maverick l, Surfside 6, Hawaiian Eye, The Roaring 20s, 77Sunset Strip, and many more. He got more famous by doing the film which was known as The Beverly Hillibies. He had done the Television movie, which was known as The Birdmen. In that movie, he had played the role of the Tanker. He had also played the role of Deputy Beverlygan in the Macon County Line. He had several television movies such as The Asphalt Cowboy, The Circle Family. The last work he had done was Biography in the episode of Buddy Ebsen. He had also directed comedy series such as Hometown U.S.A. He took retirement from his work and lived in Lake Tahoe, which is in Nevada.

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Personal Life:

Max was married to Joanne Kathleen Hill. He got married in the year 1966, But their relation didn’t go smoothly. The couple finally decided to end their link in the year 1971. He got very much disturbed by the death of his closest friend who’s name was Buddy Ebsen. He died due to Pneumonia on 6th July 2003. He was shattered by hearing the news of his friend. Before the death of Ebsen, he went to meet him in the hospital. Now, he is the only member of the” The Beverly Hillibie.”

Max’ A Net Worth:

Max holds a net worth of a total of $50 million. He is a great director as well as a producer and actor also.

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