Are you still hesitating whether to continue with in-house printing or outsource these services? A soaring number of businesses opt for outsourcing, particularly those whose needs are complex and vast.

The ultimate decision would depend on the size of the company and its budget. Hiring professionals for this job offers benefits such as using paper of high quality, cost savings, convenience, mistake prevention, etc.

Nowadays, there are numerous dependable local printers, such as CPI London Printers, offering business cards, bulk photocopying, leaflets, flyers, and business stationery.

These are the main five reasons for hiring such professionals.

Excellent paper quality

One of the leading reasons for hiring printing services in London is using the resources these companies have at their disposal. The quality of the paper used by these professionals is indeed excellent. They provide customers with a selection of different papers to choose from. The type of paper plays a crucial role in the print outcome.

The most popular paper choices include metallic, matte, and gloss. Each variant has a specific degree of reflection and colour saturation. Some variants are more suitable for vibrant and bright displays, whereas others are more appropriate for darker colours. Most importantly, printing professionals provide useful advice about selecting the right sort of paper for one’s order.

High quality and numerous options

Another reason to hire printing services in the city of London is gaining much higher print quality in comparison with office printing. These professionals are equipped with high-tech equipment and software, which offers high detail levels. Also, they’re knowledgeable enough to provide optimization of every print job.

Moreover, these specialists offer better print quality because of the multiple options they use for improving the final products. These options include the use of custom frames, surface texturing, and lamination. In contrast, such options aren’t available when processing print jobs at the office. Such improvements not only affect the quality of the appearance but the longevity of the prints as well. Check out the following tips for laminating paper.

Lower costs

Businesses are encouraged to hire printing services in London due to the decrease in costs. Although many companies believe that these services will do nothing but increase their costs, hiring such professionals can substantially reduce their printing expenses. In contrast, offices have both fixed and variable costs when it comes to processing large orders.

For instance, fixed costs refer to expenses for the machinery, whereas variable costs refer to the wages and ink expenses. When comparing the costs of running their own printing operations and outsourcing these services, an increasing number of companies opt for the latter due to the lower expenses. The purchase of printer ink is cheaper for printing providers than offices, as the former has larger orders.

After conducting detailed comparisons, most companies realize that ink expenses are much higher than outsourcing these services to a printer. Employers also need to take the wages of employees into consideration when planning their budget.

For those curious about the variety of options available in the realm of printer ink, understanding the nuances of different types of printer ink can greatly inform your decision-making process

Mistake prevention

Another reason to hire such services in London is the prevention of common printing mistakes and hassles. For instance, many companies relying on their office printers face plenty of frustrations, such as not delivering the materials at the right time, technical errors, wrong file formats, poor-quality prints, undelivered print mailings, etc.

These types of mistakes not only cost companies a great deal of money but are also damaging for their reputations. For example, if materials fail to arrive on time for an important event, your company will be blamed for it. Conversely, in the event of a technical error in the files, businesses have no other alternative but to turn to an expensive reorder. Follow this URL,, to learn what to do when a printer won’t print.


Last but not least, printing services are worth hiring because of the incredible convenience. Office employees lack the necessary knowledge to perform large printing jobs, which isn’t the case with experienced professionals. Instead of overwhelming your employees with additional obligations, you can outsource these services and allow employees to focus on their original job roles.

Final word

Choose a reliable local printer to cut down costs and improve print quality!

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