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Remy Ma Net Worth

Remy Ma was born on the thirtieth of May 1980, and she is a prominent rapper originating from America. The Pun was the one who discovered her talent, and she became well-known for being in Terror Squad, a band from Fat Joe. She released her breakout album in 2006, and it was named, There is Something About Remmy, and it became immensely prominent. The album reached the thirty-third spot in the 200 charts from Billboard, and it included some of her most successful songs, such as Lean Back, Ante Up, All the Way Up, and Conceited. She is one of nine rappers to ever find a spot in the charts of Billboard Hot 100.

Early Life

Mackie is originally from The Bronx, and she was abused by her family’s drug abuse from a young age. She used to write poetry to distract himself from his household issues. Her reputation became prominent around the Bronx, and she eventually gained the attention of Big Pun. She did a meeting and freestyle session, and The Pun finally took her under his wing. He mentored Remy, and she then commenced her career under the alias of Remy Martin. And she found features in songs such as You Was Wrong and Ms. Martin from Pun’s Yeeeah Baby album.

Career Beginning

After Big Pun passed away, Fat Jo signed Ma under his label, which operated under Universal and SRC. She then became a member of Terror Squad, his hip-hop group. She made an appearance in True Story, her second and final album, which was released in 2004. Her single named Lean Back ended up topping the Billboard Hot 100 charts, which helped Remy earn her foremost nomination from Grammy. Her breakout single, There is Something About Remy, was supported by her renowned singles, Conceited, Whateva, and Feels So Good. The album became immense successful but only moved thirty-seven thousand units, becoming a financial disappointment. By the end of the first year, she carried only over a hundred thousand units. She was not satisfied by the promotional activity of Universal and wanted more, and this dissatisfaction caused a lasting rift between Fat Joe and Remy. She parted connection with Terror Squad and Joe after she parted ways with Universal. She voiced to Billboard that she was working on her second album named PunisHer, and it was part of a female group called 3sum, which was immensely popular.

Personal Life

Smith was married to Shamele, and the whole wedding was planned. The couple was scheduled to wed, but Remy was arrested in 2008, and the wedding was called off. Soon, Papoose was caught smuggling a key into the whole prison and then was banned from visiting her for six months. Remy has a child from the previous relationship, and then she had three stepchildren with Papoose. They had their first child from their relationship named Reminisce Mackenzie in 2018.

Net Worth

The current average and approximate net worth of Remy Ma is about 4 million dollars, and she earned most of it from her work in the songwriting world. She has been active in the industry for decades, and she is still making prominently adored music.  

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