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Sid Haig Net Worth

Sid’s name is Sidney Eddie Mosesian. He was taken down on this earth on 14th July 1939. He was famous for his work. He had chosen his profession as an actor and as a producer. He got famous for his role as Jack Hill’s Blaxploitation. He had a significant role in his films, such as Horror films. He had played the role of Captain Spaulding and many more he had done the film such as House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil Rejects, and the more famous 3 From Hell. He was known as the Icons of the Horror Cinema. Besides doing the films, he also did television series such as Star Trek, Fantasy Island, The Dukes of Hazzard, A-Team, and MacGyver.

Early Life

He was taken down on this earth on 14th July 1939. He was born in Fresno, which is in California. He belongs to the Armenian community. He had taken birth to Roxy Mosesianand Haig Mosesian. By profession, he is an electrical worker. HE was more interested in working in the dance lessons. In his childhood, he worked as a child artist. When he was working, he was only seven years old. Besides being an actor, he was also a musician, and he knows how to know to play different types of music. In his school time, the head of the drama department, Alice Merrill, inspired him to become an actor. He had done the schooling from Pasadena Playhouse. While in his teenage years, he had started his career in music. He had signed many records when he was in high school.


He had started his career in the year 1960. He had started his work in the film named “The Host .”Jack Hill directed the movie. He had done Fifty films and More than 350 television series episodes. He had also done the featured in the THX 1138. He had made his first appearance in the movie named THE HOST. He was playing the time of the student in the film. It was also a short film. He was going his central role in the movie known as “THE UNTOUCHABLES .”He has done many television series whose names are THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E, Get Smart, The Flying Nun, Mary Hartman, Charlie Angles, Jason of Star, Buck Rogers, The Duck of Hazards, The A-Team, Just the Ten of Us, MacGyver, and many more. For sometimes, he didn’t want to work in the acting. He had done many films such as Beach ball, The Fireband, The Host, Beach Ball, Blood Bath, It’s a bikini, and many more. He had done some television series such as The Untouchables, The lucy show, BatmaN, Gunsmoke, Star Trek, Mission Impossible, The Flying Nun, The Fall Guy, Automan, The A-team, Tigtone, and many more.

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Personal Life

He got hitched with Susan L. Oberg on the 2nd November 2007. He had met his accident in his home. He fell in the house, and he was being hospitalized. He was residing in Thousand Oaks, which is in California. When he was recovering from the incident, he was contacted with the infection. He suffered from the disease and died on 21st September 2019. He died when he was 80 years old.

Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $1.5 million, which he gained from his movies and television series.

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