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Starting a business with close people is, in fact, riskier than a usual business with strangers because you can not only fall through but also lose your family. However, it also has a number of significant benefits: high motivation of employees or partners, cohesion, and salary savings, which is very important at the very beginning when the business still does not generate income. In addition, if common interests unite the family, and competition for leadership is not present – all roles are strictly distributed, then the risks of quarreling with future partners will be minimal.

  1. Trade sphere

The most popular modern type of couple business is selling goods. Moreover, not only the opening of the own store but creating an internet site for the sale of goods is meant under such activity as well. The first option requires the availability of a separate room and the purchase of commercial equipment. It is desirable that the store is located not far from the house. In the case, however, if the trade is carried out through the Internet, then the case undergoes a significant simplification: the shopping venue is limited to the desktop with a computer or even a tablet, but it is worth noting that the warehouse will have to take away a substantial area of ​​the apartment. To open your store, it is important to choose the right direction and target audience, for example, a single women dating site. Successful examples are showcasing specialty stores: natural cosmetics, household chemistry, or something healthy and trendy that has not yet come to your country. Such a business will be successful if one of the family members has a successful experience or has knowledge of accounting or site promotion and has some copywriting skills. It is also important to have a car.

  1. Production

Business is not just about selling but also producing. This type is more complicated and requires additional functions from partners and, possibly, more relatives in the team. In a simplified form, you can agree on the sale of your products in other stores. It is also not necessary to start such a business with the rental of mini-shops – it is entirely possible to organize it at home. Lucky options for this kind of activity can be, for example, homemade pastry or custom-made furniture. In the first variant, one of the partners (most likely, a man) will assume the role of the purchaser of products and will seek an order, while the wife will be busy doing the cooking. In the second, most likely, a direct manufacturer can be the man, and the wife will design, decor, calculate finances, and advertise. Copywriting skills are again required; it is also important to be able to take beautiful photos and videos, which will become an additional tool for attracting customers. This is why you want to look into using overnight diapers for your baby—for their sake and your own sake and the sake of your furniture, such as a crib or a baby swing.

  1. Agriculture

The availability of own land and even fields in the countryside automatically transforms the family into farmers who sell surpluses grown on fertile soil. However, not only potatoes and tomatoes can be sold. Very good income, in the case of sales, may be guaranteed if you grow flowers, mushrooms or build a farm for the production of quails (or turkeys, rabbits, chickens, etc.). Also, the availability of land and accommodation outside the city will make it easier to create your own nursery. Here, not only the correct distribution of work but also the knowledge and practical skills of caring for plants or animals are important. In the case of building a farm, the husband can take over building the appropriate premises – cages, aviaries, sheds or greenhouses, and his spouse can carry out direct cultivation, feeding, and nutrition.

  1. Service industry

It is a very common type of family business around the world. Often, the spouses organize their own cafe or mini-hotel. It can be hard for one couple to cope with such a task; therefore, at least during a season or a weekend, you will need the help of other relatives, possibly adult children or friends. Green tourism is becoming increasingly popular despite the lack of a big deal. If you have access to a large building, no additional investment in the construction of the hotel will be necessary – you can rent rooms in your own house after equipping a separate bathroom and entrance. The wife can take on the duties of cooking, while the husband carries out transportation and repair.

  1. Sphere of entertainment

It is an extremely popular form of couple business. In big cities, there is a great demand for all kinds of animators and celebrations hosts: photo and video shooting, hall design, and musicians (DJ). In this case, the spouses will have the same schedule of work; they will be able to complement each other and really do what they love. Such services are always in demand and bring a lot of money.

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