Working in Qatar is a dream for many people as it gives them the opportunity to live in the richest country in the world. The salary here is higher than in the UAE by more than 30%, and the prices for some products are slightly lower.

In this country, all businessmen want to be the best, so they use the most advanced technologies in their work. Only in Qatar, in a short time, can you gain experience that will make you a sought-after specialist around the world.

By the way, despite the strictness of laws and the religiosity of the inhabitants, it is here that one of the most modern scientific centers is being built.

As in the United Arab Emirates, here they are looking for long-term employees, but when applying for a job, a man can transport the whole family. The only condition is a sufficient salary (the exact amount can be found on the spot) and the official registration of the spouses.

Country where the employer is responsible for the invited head

The most responsible employers are also gathered here, because according to local laws, if a trouble happens with an involved employee, the employer will be in prison, and in the event of an accident or a situation in which the life of the employee was at risk of death, the person responsible will be sentenced to death.

It was this fact that forced employers to take care of the arrangement of employees, transporting them to and from their workplaces, obtaining medical insurance, and in some companies even catering on their own. The downside of such guardianship is the inability to choose a place to rent an apartment yourself, but otherwise there are only pluses.

Firstly, you don’t have to spend money on almost anything, because the employer took care of everything, and you will return home with a decent amount. Secondly, there is no need to solve your own problems in a foreign city, it is enough to bring it to the authorities, and thirdly, even in case of illness, you are insured against high expenses, unlike some European countries.

Working hours at the enterprises of Qatar

As in the UAE, there are shortened working days during Ramadan. On ordinary days, companies work from Saturday to Thursday, from 7:30 or 8 am to 12 or 13 pm, then there is a break and work again from 15 or 16 pm until 20-21 pm. Friday is a day off, and Thursday is shortened.

Which destinations are most in demand for Ukrainians in Qatar:

  •  Tourism;
  •  Finance;
  •  Education;
  •  Energy;
  •  The medicine;
  •  Hotel and restaurant service.

Recently, IT-specialists of various levels have been actively invited to Qatar.

Standard of living and salaries

Qatar is one of the richest countries due to the development of the oil and gas industry. The local population here is wealthy, spoiled by abundance. The standard of living is high. Even without a higher education, you can get from 500-600 dollars. Often the employer provides a social package not only for residents of their country, but also for migrant workers. This may include registration of the contract, food, accommodation and medical insurance. With an agreement, you can even count on paying for the flight.

Jobs (Qatar) in the field of information technology, in oil companies require a high level of training and experience, but pay very well. Knowledge of languages is a must.

Prices in stores are acceptable, lower than in other countries, for example, in the UAE. In your free time you can see the country. The locals are especially proud of the beautiful skyscrapers, the beautiful bay and the endless deserts. Your salary will allow you to see this beauty. In general, friendly people live here, they treat migrants well, because they themselves are picky in choosing suitable, not hard work.

Job Search in Qatar

It is easy to get a job in Qatar if you define your qualifications correctly. Although there are many vacancies, workers without experience and knowledge of the English language are not welcome. The level of spoken language is simply necessary to communicate with clients and employers. You can use websites to find a job in Qatar, where you will find vacancies directly from the employer, advice from experienced people, chats to exchange information. But it will still be difficult for beginners on their own, so it is better to use the help of specialists who will select a vacancy, advice on drafting an employment contract and help with paperwork

Features of the mentality

In Arab countries, it is not customary to make hasty decisions. Without experience, your employment will be greatly delayed. There may be positions in the contract that require special working conditions. In Qatar, work, as in any foreign country, will be helped by special agencies. This will secure and speed up the process. They will help you pass an interview via Skype without leaving your country, apply for a visa and other formalities. A competent lawyer will not interfere when signing an employment contract. It is for a long time, so you will not be able to find another place until it expires.

Where can you find the best job in Qatar

The most popular and comfortable way to find your ideal job in Qatar is to use the Internet. Below you can find Top sites:

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