Shipping is a useful service, and people use it for various things, especially if they’re bulky and tricky to transport themselves, like cars. Also, car shipping is an excellent choice if you’d rather be carefree while moving or traveling and leave the transportation of your vehicle to professionals.

Many people rely on car shipping, but it can be a rather stressful experience if you fail to do some things. From choosing the right company to not preparing your four-wheeler, many common mistakes can happen down the road and cause delays, damages, or high costs to car owners. By being aware of these, you can get the best car transportation service and ensure a smoother and safer shipping experience.

Hiring a Shipping Company in a Hurry

The biggest problem that vehicle owners regret is choosing the wrong shipping company, and the chances of that happening are very high if you do it in a hurry. Many auto transportation businesses operate on the market, but not all are reliable and reputable, nor can you rely on them. There are many scammers and fly-by-night companies out there, so beware of them.

The search for a trustworthy shipping provider will take some time. You should research several options, check their references and credentials, as well as ensure they’ve been on the market for a long time and have an impeccable reputation. It’s not out of place to check their membership in industry associations, as well as their working licenses. Without these details, there’s a high chance of hiring a scamming company.

In a hurry, you can also make a mistake when choosing a method of transport. Most companies offer the option of open and enclosed transport, with the former being cheaper and the latter providing more protection for your vehicle. And both have their good and bad sides.

That’s a detail many people overlook. For instance, many take the enclosed option by default when there’s no need for it. On the other hand, some car owners can make the mistake of wanting to save money, so they transport their expensive and rare vehicles in an open trailer, exposing them to elements, dust, and road stones.

Not Preparing Your Vehicle

Just like when you travel, your four-wheeler must be ready to hit the road. Only this time, it’ll be in the role of a passenger. And precisely because of this, many people often make the mistake of not preparing their vehicles for shipping. They just become too comfortable that someone else will take care of that or don’t have time to take your vehicle to the mechanic for a quick check before shipping.

To avoid damage during transport or overlooking the wear that can occur on the road, it’s necessary to prepare your car before hauling and perform minor repairs, such as fluid leaks, tire pressure, accessories removal, etc. Only that way will you ensure that your four-wheeler is in good condition. Plus, good preparation can cut shipping costs (for instance, emptying a tank and removing personal stuff makes your car lighter).

Here’s a guide on how to prepare your four-wheeler for hauling:

Skip Car Check Right before Hauling

If you prepare your car for shipping, you might think there’s no need for one last check. Wrong. If you don’t do this, you may face consequences. Indeed, problems during shipping rarely happen, and the vehicles most often arrive at the desired location in pristine condition.

But to avoid any risk, check your vehicle right before hauling and document its condition. You might need this proof in case something still happens during transportation. Also, that gives you another chance to get all your belongings and valuable items out.

Neglecting the Importance of Insurance

Reputable car transportation companies operate according to the law, meaning they must provide their clients with proper insurance, considering they transport goods (vehicles) of great value. However, there are often “holes” in their policies that can be bad for you if you don’t check what this insurance includes and what it doesn’t.

A problem that can often arise is an accident on the road caused by another driver, where the truck transporting your vehicle has been damaged. Therefore, your car might be also damaged indirectly. Most shipping companies don’t cover such damages, but you need additional coverage. It especially matters when you ship your four-wheeler overseas, as explained on this link.

Not having additional insurance can mean high out-of-pocket costs for you. So feel free to ask your transporter for a copy of their insurance policy. If necessary, talk to your insurer about your options. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Car transportation companies can haul your four-wheeler to a desired location and thus save you from stress, time-wasting, and overspending. Still, there are a couple of things to pay attention to and thus ensure car shipping is safe and smooth, without unwanted costs.

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