Are you planning a gender reveal party and want to make it memorable for your guests? Look no further! We have compiled a list of creative ideas for gender reveal decorations that are sure to impress. From confetti to balloons, photo-worthy props to stylish tableware, we have got you covered. Our blog highlights different themes like the timeless pastel theme as well as unique accessories like sashes and pinatas to add some flair to your celebration. We understand that every little detail matters when it comes to celebrating such a special occasion, so read on for inspiration on how to decorate and create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Gender Reveal Party Decorations: Creative Ideas for a Memorable Party

Make your gender reveal party unforgettable with creative decorations that add excitement to the big reveal. Fill clear balloons with pink or blue confetti for a festive surprise, and use themed desserts as party decorations. Capture the moment with unique gender reveals and photo booth props.

Decorate with Confetti: Add Some Fun to Your Gender Reveal Party

Make your gender reveal party even more exciting with creative decorations that incorporate colourful confetti. Whether you choose confetti cannons, scattered table fillers or photo backdrops, there are endless party decoration options that will perfectly fit your pink or blue gender reveal theme.

Tableware: Stylish Options for Your Gender Reveal Celebration

Add style to your Gender Reveal Party with matching tableware that matches the colour scheme of the big reveal. Choose from disposable paper plates and cups for easy cleanup or reusable glassware and dishware for a more formal celebration. Keep it a surprise with neutral colours and patterns.

Props and Banner: Make Your Gender Reveal Photo Worthy

Make your gender reveal photos pop by incorporating personalised banners, balloons, and photo booth props into your decorations. These party accessories can take your celebration to the next level in terms of fun and excitement.

Latex and Helium Balloons: Bring Colour and Excitement to the Party

Add excitement to your gender reveal party with colourful latex and helium balloons. Whether you choose pink or blue confetti fillers to announce the big reveal or create stunning balloon garlands and arches with coordinating colours like gold and silver, our gender reveal party supplies will make your celebration unforgettable.

Napkins: Keep It Classy with Coordinating Colours

Add some class to your gender reveal decorations with coordinating coloured napkins. Choose napkins that match your party’s colour theme. Get creative by using playful designs or adding a personal touch with custom printing.

Sash and Pinata: Unique Gender Reveal Accessories

Add some excitement to your gender reveal celebration with unique accessories like sashes and pinatas. Sashes come in various colours and styles that match any party theme or personal preference. Pinatas shaped like question marks or baby bottles are photo-worthy fillers that enhance the big reveal.

Cannons and Cutlery: Add Some Flair to Your Gender Reveal

Looking for unique gender reveal decorations? Surprise guests with confetti cannons or fillers for a big reveal! Decorative cutlery adds a playful touch to table settings. Don’t forget to check out our selection of party packs and accessories too.

Pastel Theme: A Timeless Choice for Your Gender Reveal Party

Create a soft and delicate atmosphere with a timeless pastel theme for gender reveal party decorations. Use colours like pink, blue, lavender & yellow for colourful balloons & streamers. Add personalised touches with customised banners & photo props for an extra special big reveal.

Cupcake Toppers: Add a Sweet Touch to Your Gender Reveal Desserts

Add a sweet touch to your gender reveal party desserts with adorable cupcake toppers in various designs like pink or blue baby feet or question marks. Create a cohesive theme by incorporating the same designs into other party decorations and supplies.

Venue Decoration: Set the Mood for Your Gender Reveal Party

Create a memorable atmosphere at your gender reveal party with themed decorations that match the gender reveal theme. Add personalised touches like customised signage or photo props to make it unique. Plan your decorations according to the size and layout of your venue.


Gender reveal parties are a special occasion that deserves to be celebrated in style. From confetti and balloons to sashes and pinatas, there are endless ways to make your gender reveal party memorable. With the right decorations, you can turn any space into a festive wonderland that will be perfect for those Instagram-worthy pictures. Whether you opt for a pastel theme or go all out with colourful balloons and props, make sure to choose decorations that reflect your unique sense of style. For more ideas and inspiration on how to make your gender reveal party unforgettable, check out our guide on creative gender reveal decoration ideas.

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