There are many vendors and online retailers who may trade in precious metals. But you need to be cautious who you buy gold from, as you are investing your hard-earned money and the purity of the product needs to be guaranteed.

The article will take you through some of the basic precautions one should take when purchasing gold bullion online. 

Look for an Authenticated Seller

First, establish the legitimacy of the seller you are dealing with. Look for details like when the company was founded, what organisations they are affiliated with, where they are based, and their online presence. 

It would be best to go with an Australia based company. A nationalised seller comes with the assurance they follow the rules and regulations laid down by the government. Also, check for customer reviews as they can further help authenticate the claims made by the seller.

Investment Grade Precious Metals

According to law, gold in investment form must meet a fineness of at least 99.5%. In addition, the precious metal should be in trading form, meaning you could purchase coins, bars and wafers. 

When browsing through a seller’s product catalogue, ensure the precious metals are of investment-grade quality only. 

Different Brand Options

There are various brand options you could explore when buying gold bullion online. For example, if you are venturing into gold for the first time, you could look for a Generic or Low Premium brand. Other popular brands are Perth Mint, PAMP Suisse, Royal Canadian Mint, and Valcambi Suisse. 

Also, look for different quantities offered. A seller offering many brands under their roof would be an ideal choice. You will not have to create multiple accounts online for gold purchases.   

Customer Support

When making a significant investment like gold, it is a must that you have customer support at your disposal. If you are confused about the products on offer or need general advice, would the customer support staff be able to address your queries?

Look for a seller that offers prompt customer service and different mediums they provide to connect with them. For example, is there an email you can write to or a number you can call up? In case of a number available do call them up to enquire about products and services on offer. 

Additional Features

Buying gold is one part of the process. Now, the asset needs to be delivered to you. How and when will the bullion get delivered? If you are placing a bulk order, what security measures does the seller have in place? 

Vendors also offer vaulting services. Depending on your asset type and value, you could opt for different storage facilities. You could access your assets at your convenience or have the vendor sell the asset at an agreed buyback price.

When buying gold bullion online, ensure you work with an authenticated seller. Spend some time doing online research and checking their affiliations. Customer reviews can provide insights into brand value.

You have the option to purchase different brands and quantities of gold bullion, browse through the entire catalogue to get a better idea. Lastly, look for customer support that you can fall back on in case of any issues.

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