Most people dream of a grand and elegant wedding. However, this isn’t always possible due to cost restraints, and those who try to achieve their dream sometimes spend more than it’s worth in the long run. They’re stuck with unpaid bills long after the wedding. Fortunately, you can save money and still get your dream wedding by considering the following suggestions.

Select Simple Glassware

Whether it’s wine glasses or regular water ones, keep them simple and inexpensive without compromising stylish trends and designs. You can still have a splendid display and cut the cost further by getting universal glass designs instead of differentiating.

Get Dual Purpose Chairs

Instead of having different types of chairs for the ceremony and the reception, choose the type that can work for both. Select a venue that allows for a well-hidden changeover during the event. All you’ll need to save money is a team that will help make the changes or add to the chairs’ decor swiftly.

Hire From the Same Vendor

Just as it is with buying in bulk when you source most of what you need from the same vendor, you’re likely to save money by pushing for discounts. The Knot suggests renting one bathroom for every 25 wedding guests, which you can get from the same place! Also, since you’ll be dealing with one entity, there’s enhanced operational efficiency as it’s easier to deal with logistics and swiftly attend to issues that may crop up. Any adjustment in one area that requires the same in another is easy to handle since you’re dealing with one supplier.

Compare Prices and Negotiate

It’s prudent to research and only select services and stores that’ll give you value for money. Don’t settle for the initially stated price on any item or service. Haggle to get discounts, possible deals, and information.

If you have a huge guest list, know what benefits you can get with numbers or reimbursement options. For instance, Tampa, FL is the largest city in the Tampa area, which means you can expect a huge turn-up for a wedding there.

Opt for a Flexible Venue

Delivery costs depend on the physical location of the venue you choose. In California, for example, overtime pay is required after 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week for service staff and venues. Handpick a convenient and strategic place that’s easily accessible to all your service and supply providers.

Order the Tents Right

It’s easy to over or under-estimate the tent size you’ll need. If you order too small, you’ll have to hire more than one; if you order too big, you’ll pay for an underutilized item. Thus, at the planning stage, involve someone with experience to help you order right based on the expected number of guests.

Cut on Videography and Photography Costs

You don’t need to hire expensive cameras to get good photos. You also don’t need different people for the same job. Even selfies are acceptable; you can stretch out a stick and get some nice pictures. You can also hire one person to do both or use a drone as well.

Get Creative with Flowers

Flowers are among the most expensive items at a wedding besides the venue and entertainment. Considering they are dead after only 48 hours, use reusable paper flowers or plastic ones you can use as your house décor afterward. Alternatively, mix half the real flowers and half the artificial ones to give them a voluminous look for almost half the price.

Keeping it simple takes nothing away from a rich and memorable experience. A wedding is a one-day event, but a marriage is for the rest of your life. You can save money on most of the things you’ll need on that day and maybe go all out on things that will last, like your rings. Enjoy and spend reasonably on your wedding and remember there’s another important business ahead: building your marriage and family.

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