Are you looking for a reputable gold IRA company? Although the selection of such providers isn’t scarce, there are just a handful of ethical companies that place their main focus on customers.

Augusta Precious Metals has been declared the best-rated provider with impeccable customer service.

We hope the following review of Augusta explains how it can protect your retirement funds.


Augusta Precious Metals is a gold IRA company in the US with the best rating in the market, which makes it the leader of this industry. It’s an award-winning company that assists individuals in adding gold and silver to their retirement portfolios. It’s the sole gold IRA company with no complaints at BCA and BBB since its launch in 2012.

Apart from the absence of complaints, Augusta Precious Metals has thousands of five-star ratings from loyal customers. Have a look at this Augusta Precious Metals gold IRA Review 2022, disclosing its pros and cons. Its operation process differs from the operation of other firms owing to the creation of multiple departments to handle every step of the investments. No other gold IRA company is dedicated to customer education like Augusta Precious Metals, as it offers a free web conference to educate potential investors on the threats related to their retirement savings and the economy in general.

Moreover, Augusta Precious Metals is endorsed by high-income clients like the quarterback Joe Montana who has become its corporate ambassador. He was pointed in the direction of this provider by his personal financial advisors. Joe Montana has decided to accept the role of a corporate ambassador in an attempt to assist other Americans in gaining the best retirement protection.


Augusta Precious Metals differs from the other providers owing to its superior knowledge and long-term experience in the industry. Its major commitments include transparency, customer service, and knowledge. When it comes to transparency, this gold IRA company hides no information from potential and current customers and posts all important information on its site.

There are no management and other hidden fees, just the traditional storage facility and custodian fees. Your transaction status is constantly updated, while the experts are always willing to answer your questions. The commitment of this company to remarkable customer service is expressed through their decision to assign a personal agent to every client.

Almost the entire legwork is performed by the team of Augusta, which takes care of setting your account up. Its agents help customers build a portfolio that meets their personal goals by sharing their expertise. Augusta’s team consists of economic analysts whose leader is a Harvard-certified economist. This team is at the disposal of customers as long as their accounts remain active.

Furthermore, new customers aren’t charged fees for a period of up to ten years. Augusta’s annual custodial fees are only $80. On the negative side, the minimum investment required from investors is $50,000, which might be too much for some individuals. Also, this gold IRA company sells silver and gold only. It doesn’t include palladium and platinum in the catalog.

Who is likely to benefit from investing in precious metals through Augusta?

The objective of this gold IRA company is to assist customers who want to diversify their portfolios with physical silver and gold so as to increase and protect their savings. Nevertheless, as just mentioned, Augusta can only help individuals with a minimum of $50,000 in their current retirement accounts, such as IRAs or 401(k). Check out the complete guide to a 401(k) plan.

A large number of individuals hesitate about collaborating with such companies because of the potential risk of ending up tricked. Anyhow, Augusta’s reputation is confirmed by its integrity, transparency, five-star reviews, and zero complaints. It encourages potential investors to make the first step by hosting a one-on-one webinar with the economist from Harvard for potential clients to gain a better knowledge of these investments.

Even though this company provides no financial advice, it analyzes precious metal options and chooses the best products to present to its customers. As a result, customers are no longer required to splurge time on figuring out the most profitable options.


Augusta offers a variety of perks to individuals deciding to invest in precious metals with its assistance. Investors are provided with online resources, such as current market news, educative videos, RMD calculator, and price charts showing the momentary spot price of silver and gold. There’s an online chat feature, which enables customers to connect instantly with their agents.

Other perks offered to investors include transit insurance and free shipping. Even though buybacks aren’t guaranteed, this gold IRA company hasn’t denied a buyback yet. There is a money-back guarantee, which appeals to most potential investors.


Bullion and coin costs from Augusta are based on the momentary spot price of gold and silver. The absence of commission fees and hidden charges are of great importance to investors. Besides the cost of buying gold or silver, individuals should pay some negligible expenses, such as the cost of account setup, which is $50.

Two annual expenses are involved as well. There is an $80 fee for custodian maintenance and a storage fee of $100 for having your billion stored in a secured depository.

In conclusion

This gold IRA company had an outstanding performance since its beginnings in 2012.

Why not make an investment?

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