Time waits for no man, this is the one thing we always wish we had more of, can never get any extra of, and seemingly waste it without even realizing it. There are never enough hours in the day, minutes to make up for lost opportunities, and when we do find the time suddenly we are overwhelmed and freeze.

Waking up each morning is a blessing we shouldn’t take for granted and when it comes to taking hold and control of your future you have a chance to make things right, better, and more importantly financially safer. How can you do this? By planning and putting away for your retirement.

Before you know it you will be looking at donating your power suits and ties and trading them in for linen trousers and loafers, and as great as that day sounds, some people dread the moment. If you have procrastinated to such a point where your golden years are becoming a daunting milestone then you haven’t done enough. The time to act is now.

Setting it in motion.

Thinking about how to be financially secure and safe once you retire is already a step in the right direction, it means you know something needs to be set in place and that sooner rather than later will be to your advantage. And it can be good for your health too, both physically and mentally, see here https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/how_thinking_about_the_future_makes_life_more_meaningful to read more about why this step in your life can be a game-changer.

So how do you get started, what needs to be implemented, and can you do so without putting your current situation under unwanted monetary stress? The answer surprisingly is yes, and it is easier than you think. The main concern you will have is deciding which method will help to save enough to be comfortable and ideally stress-free in your golden trimester.

You want to enjoy life, reap the rewards for all those late-night hours you have put in at the office, and if you don’t do it no one will, you need to take care of yourself and your family. There are a few options on the table, some easier and more efficient than others, and it depends on your current circumstances that will determine your possibilities.

If, however, the whole process is completely overwhelming (and it can be even more so if you are young and new to the world of investments) then the jargon alone can cause anxiety. What you need is an essentially fail-safe, flop-proof option where you need little thinking with maximum results, and there is something just for you. The world of precious metals.

Investment consideration.

If you have ever looked at the stock market or the exchange rates and even the news then knowing which option is safest seems tricky, but metals have substantially stood the test of time so to speak. One, in particular, is gold. We have all seen the history books of ancient royals decked out in precious gold jewels, rooms filled with gold vases and ornaments and it’s because this is an unmistakably valuable asset.

It comes in so many forms, can be changed and molded into anything you like, and what makes it that much more appealing is that the value never drops. Irrespective of the world’s economy, the stock market plummets, and horrific recessions, gold holds its own. While the initial down payment may seem hefty at first it is an investment that pays for itself.

The issue now, like for so many of us, is that we know nothing about metals let alone gold and who or where to look for help is foreign to us. So before you run for the hills take a quick look at Augusta Precious Metals, a company that understands customer concerns and values client satisfaction while working hand-in-hand with them to set up a brighter future.

Not knowing much about a subject should not put you off from creating and providing a financial safety net for your family and future, speaking to the right people will help you get a better understanding of how the process works. You need to feel at ease, the firm should make you feel comfortable and if it feels right you can have peace of mind that you made the right decision.

Speak to the right people.

You have committed, put a lump sum of savings away (or that surprise bonus from the head office) and now you need to ensure that the company you choose to work with or allow to manage your investment portfolio is a reliable and reputable one.

Think of what you would like to achieve from your investment, does the agent listen to your concerns and queries, and are your goals set up to be attainable? Speaking to friends and family members is a great way to have a foundation of expectations as well as see what your options could or should be.

While some companies are certainly better than others, take a look at the fundamental basics to be aware of when considering who to hire or trust with your investment portfolio.

  • Credibility. Reputation is something that is earned and in most cases will speak for itself, a firm that has been trusted for years will have a client base that has been with them for many years. They will be well spoken of when you conduct your research and is a good starting point to add to what you feel will be a good fit for you.
  • Experience. In combination with the first point, if they have a long-standing client base they will most likely have been around for several years, decades even and this only goes to show they understand the needs of their customers. A good agent will offer solutions, alternative options, and work with you to come to the best investment option for your budget and goals.
  • Rates. Thinking that the most expensive is the best is a mistake many people make when starting, the same for when it is cheaper than your average costs and seemingly too good to be true. Do your homework and see the costs for the services you want and look for something that is around the same price across multiple companies and that suits your budget.
  • Certified. It may seem like a moot point to think about but is one that we assume comes with the territory. Always check that the company has up-to-date licensing and certifications to practice and give legal advice on your situation and that they are qualified to manage your finances on your behalf.

Why invest.

You may think that having a regular bank account with a separate part of it specifically for savings is enough, it isn’t. The interest rates are not the greatest and by the time retirement comes you will have wondered if it was even worth it. To make your money work for you is the reason we invest, and why we need to.

When you consider investing, no matter where or how the main objective to keep in mind is that you want to ‘build’ your wealth, not simply store it for later. See this link for an opinion on it but know that essentially what you put in determines what you get out, and when it comes to gold this is an asset and commodity that can continually be added to and be grown.

It is ok to begin small the main fact is you need to start, and as your portfolio increases so will your return of investment. If you need financial help down the line you don’t have to worry about gold and its liquidity, there is always a demand for this precious metal and why it is so highly valued.

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