Investing in Precious Metals

More and more people are investing in precious metals, especially during economic downturns. Several precious metals are popular at this moment. The most popular currently are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. All these metals are good investments and great for your investment portfolio, especially when added to a precious metals IRA with paper investments such as stocks and bonds.

Gold Investments

            Gold continues to be a great investment and has been for years. Gold has been around for centuries as a method of payment. It is still legal tender for many countries and is one reason that it is so popular as an investment. Gold is a good investment, especially when there is a downturn in the economy because it gains value during these times.

            When the economy is in trouble, gold values increase and help your portfolio to continue to make money for your retirement. Although gold is often added to self-directed IRAs, it is not the only way to have gold as an investment. You can actually just buy gold outright and keep it safe in your home, bank, or credit union. You can buy gold in several ways, including precious metals brokers and online sources.

            There are many gold brokers that you can access online, and you can do online research to find the best broker for you. You can check this Goldmoney review to see if it is where you want to buy your precious metals. It might be the best for you, but you definitely need to do your research.

Silver Investments

 Silver is still a good investment, as well, especially when added to your investment portfolio with paper investments. Silver does not do as well in economic downturns as gold does, but it does still increase in value during those times. It is a good investment at all times because it does not cost as much as gold does when you want to begin investing in precious metals. Find more about the different types of precious metal investments you can do here: They have all kinds of information for you before you invest.

 Silver can also be added to your precious metals IRA through a self-directed IRA. You can also add it to your investment portfolio by just buying it through a broker. Again, you can buy it in several ways, from a broker, online sources, and other ways.

Platinum Investments

Platinum is a metal that has many uses in jewelry, industry, and technology, as well as other uses. This makes platinum another good investment for your portfolio. Platinum is another precious metal that increases in value during tough economic times. It is an expensive metal to invest in, but if you have the money, it is a great investment.

 You can also add platinum to your self-directed IRA, as well as the other precious metals. With the type of IRA, you get to choose the investments that you want to add to your investment portfolio. Precious metals always make a great addition to your portfolio, because they can increase in value when your paper investments are losing value. You can also add platinum by buying it through a precious metals broker and online sources.

Palladium Investments

Palladium is another precious metal that is used in industry and technology. It is rarely used in jewelry but has many other uses. Although it is not as well-known as other precious metals, it is still a great investment because it gains value during tough times. It will also gain value in other times, because of its increasing value to industry and technology. It is hard to get palladium because it is difficult to mine and there are few palladium mines in the world.

 You can buy palladium in the same ways that you can buy other precious metals. You can get it from metal brokers, online sources, and some other sources. You can add it to your self-directed IRA, or you can buy it outright and store it yourself.

Ways to Buy Precious Metals


 You can buy all these precious metals in the form of bars, and this is one of the most popular ways to buy them. Bars can be bought in different sizes from a single gram all the way to kilograms. All these precious metals are, of course, of different values, and you can buy them for as little as around twenty dollars, all up to several thousand dollars.

Silver is the least expensive of all the metals and you can buy a silver bar for around twenty dollars for an ounce. Palladium is around twenty-one hundred dollars for an ounce, and gold is around two thousand dollars, while platinum is around a thousand dollars per ounce.


Coins are another way to invest in precious metals, and they are easier to store than bars are. You can buy coins from a variety of sources, including coin shops, pawn shops, and online markets. Coins also come in different sizes and weights, making them easier to purchase. There are also collectible coins that you can buy that are popular with coin collectors.

 You can buy a silver coin for about thirty-five dollars for a one-ounce American Eagle coin. A platinum eleven hundred dollars for a one-ounce American Platinum Eagle coin. You can buy a one-ounce American Palladium Eagle coin for around three thousand dollars and a one-ounce gold American Eagle coin for around two thousand dollars.


 Rounds are another popular way to buy precious metals. They are like coins but have no face value as a coin does. A round might also be collectible by some people because they often have original artwork on them. They are similar in price to coins, but usually, coins are more collectible.

You can buy rounds from brokers, online stores, coin stores, and other places. Right now, the silver rounds are the least expensive, right now the silver rounds are around twenty-six dollars for a one-ounce round. Gold rounds are around two-hundred thirty dollars for a 1/10-ounce round, and you cannot get platinum or palladium rounds at this time.


 Precious metals are great investments right now because the economy is in a downturn. They are also, historically, good investments because they usually hold their value very well. You can buy them through a variety of places including brokers, online stores, coin dealers, and even pawn shops for some items.

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