What are precious metals? They are rare, naturally-occurring metallic chemical elements that have high economic value. These metals have a diverse range of uses, including jewelry, pharmaceuticals, and art. Read on to learn more about them. Indium, Rhodium, Palladium, and Ruthenium are just a few of the precious metals commonly used today.


Indium is a valuable metal that is used extensively in flat-screen televisions. You may have already noticed that the LCD screen of your cell phone is a part of indium. But did you know that there are more uses for indium? It was first used as a coating for bearings in high-performance aircraft engines during World War II. And it still holds its place in this field. Its high purity makes it valuable.

Indium’s constant dollar price has dropped to near record lows. Graphs of the price in 2020 dollars are shown below. You can also see the price in actual dollars. The price of indium is deflated by PCE in the graph below. This will give you an idea of how much the metal is worth today. The graphs below show the price of indium in real dollars and in dollars deflated by the PCE.


In the process of electroplating gold or silver, jewelers apply a thin layer of rhodium. The plating process gives the metal an extra shine, and is an effective way to protect metals from daily wear. In addition to gold, rhodium can also be applied to silver jewelry. For both reasons, rhodium plating is considered a high-quality alternative to gold plating.

Although rhodium is more expensive than gold, its price fluctuates considerably. As the rarest element, it is not a secure investment. It is naturally found in river Sands in South America and North America, and it is also extracted from ores containing other metals. Other sources of rhodium include copper-nickel mine areas in Ontario and South Africa. It is also mined in the Ural Mountains of Russia.

The properties of rhodium make it one of the most valuable metals. It is extremely reflective, highly corrosion-resistant, and is a superb conductor of heat and electricity. Because of its unique properties, rhodium is used extensively in the automotive industry, where it can act as a catalyst to reduce exhaust emissions and protect engines.


Investing in palladium can be a lucrative investment. The metal has a very high value-to-weight ratio, making one ounce worth $500. Traders can buy palladium and store it for future use. In Canada and the U.S., traders can buy palladium from dealers. Alternatively, they can buy palladium ETFs and gain exposure to palladium spot prices.

The price of palladium is likely to grow faster than the price of Gold, thanks to its demand in the Automobile industry. According to https://www.idea-group.com, it is quickly approaching Silver in terms of demand. The metal is used in exhaust systems for internal combustion engine cars, and this demand is expected to decrease as the number of electric vehicles increases.


If you’ve ever had the opportunity to own a rare precious metal, you probably know that Ruthenium is one of them. But do you know what ruthenium is and how it’s used? This element is less commonly known than other metals, but it is incredibly useful. It helps make technology work better.

Ruthenium is a very rare metal, and it can’t be found naturally, but it is found in many places and is useful for a number of purposes. Ruthenium is often used in electronics because of its high resistance to wear and corrosion. Ruthenium electroplating increases the corrosion resistance of the materials it coats.

The results can be impressive; as ruthenium helps electrical components withstand extreme conditions. This is also an important characteristic for aerospace applications, as ruthenium-plated electronics have an extended lifespan. And the metal is relatively inert – it doesn’t react with acids or most chemicals.


While many other metals are less precious, tantalum has some distinct advantages. This non-noble metal is extremely soluble in hydrogen. During high temperatures, tantalum reacts with hydrogen to form hydrides. When exposed to high temperatures, tantalum is very flammable, due to the high solubility of hydrogen.

The risk of igniting tantalum increases as the material is sprayed with more fineness. OnG Commodities LLC was formed by Dr. Andrew Matheson, a consultant and researcher with 25 years of experience in the tantalum industry.

While at Cabot Corporation, he served as the company’s director of R&D and led the company’s global ore procurement. He has extensive experience in rare earth metals, such as niobium, scandium, and gallium. The company also employs former Roskill employees with vast amounts of experience in tantalum research.

Pure tantalum has a melting point of 3,000 degrees Celsius, which is one of the highest of all known metals. However, even a small amount of admixture changes the mechanical properties of tantalum. The alloys are brittle and difficult to process. Tantalum is most commonly used in capacitors. Its low failure rate makes it an ideal material for such applications.


Iridium is a rare and highly desirable noble metal. Its many uses are in blue-collar industries, including spark plug tips and catalytic converters. Due to its high melting point and corrosion resistance, iridium is an excellent alloying agent for platinum.

Its discovery in 1804 by Smithson Tennant is considered to be the first scientific explanation of iridium’s existence. The discovery of iridium, however, was only made possible by the discovery of a meteor that wiped out dinosaurs 65 million years ago. It is believed that the asteroid that killed dinosaurs left a thin layer of iridium clay around the Earth.

Oxygen evolution is a type of catalytic reaction that iridium has proven to be a superior catalyst in. The researchers studied the effect of iridium oxidation on water by modifying its surface with chlorine atoms. They concluded that an increase in electrocatalytic effects was not due to an increase in electric potential, but rather to an increase in the rate of oxygen evolution.

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