Did you know that over 100 million people use a Mac computer?

If you’re coding using your Apple computer, you might find your current one tedious to use. If you aren’t proactive, you’re likely coding in suboptimal conditions. That means you’re unlikely to finish anything meaningful in a short period.

Don’t continue with this practice.

With this guide, you’ll learn about the best code editors for your Mac computer. That way, your coding process will be more efficient. Read on and find out more.

What’s the Simplest Code Editor Around?

Notepad++ a classic code editor, developed in C++ and well-known for its simplicity. With the rise of its popularity, the once bare-bones editor now comes with some functions. Regardless, both casual and professional developers can benefit when they use Notepad++ to start their careers.

Unfortunately, you can’t download Notepad++ for Mac computers. But the good news is that the editors mentioned on this list work on OS X.

1. Visual Studio Code

This code editor is open-source, made and maintained by the Microsoft company. Its primary design revolves around aesthetics while maintaining ease-of-use and speed. Visual Studio Code is also versatile since it offers support for a variety of programming languages and other file types.

Visual Studio Code also comes with a host of other features, most notable of which is themes. You can also extend it with functions and use custom scripts to configure it. The best part is that even if Microsoft made it, it’s compatible with OS X and is 100% free.

2. Atom

This is one of the most famous and useful code editors around. Millions of developers across the globe use it because it’s amazing and has a simple user interface. This makes it even more useful even if you’re not as well-versed as experts.

One of its cooler features is the ability to submit packages directly from the application. It has smart autocompletion capabilities that enable you to code faster. It’s reliable and can support various scripts, extension, programming language, and more.

The best part is that Atom is free to use. This code editor comes from GitHub, which is why it comes with GitHub integration.

3. Brackets

Another free code editor, Brackets features a full suite of new features. Its lightweight framework comes from Adobe’s talented developers—a testament to its irrefutable quality. It’s one of the best open-source editors around, so you can change it to suit your liking more.

One of its most amazing features is the ability to pick between two views: browser and source code. The former is for viewing how the code is doing, while the latter is for viewing and modifying the original code.

4. NetBeans

This is another famous code editor, but it’s more focused on developing applications using languages like Java, C++, and more. NetBeans has features like code analyzers, used for debugging the code without your intervention. Its converters allow you to change anything as necessary.

If you developed your applications in the recent past, NetBeans enables you to upgrade them. That way, they all benefit from Java 8’s new and improved language constructs. Like most code editors on this list, it’s free and open-source.

5. Bluefish

Are you fond of multitasking when developing an application? If so, Bluefish allows you to work on dozens of varying software at the same time. With this, your code editor won’t waste time running all these codes.

Bluefish offers excellent cross-platform code editing features, handling lots of files at once while running them at the same time. Another key feature admired by developers is the ability to edit code from remote working stations. That means you can code regardless of your location in the world.

The application offers lots of features for both web developers and programmers. With Bluefish, you have an easier time writing code, developing websites, and making scripts to quality test your software. That’s why if you’re aspiring to become one of the 214,000 computer programmers in the United States, Bluefish can help since it’s free.

6. Geany

This application’s effectiveness comes from its usage of the GTK+ toolkit. This helps to accommodate all code you push on it. It has all the necessary components that make it an effective IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Developers can use this program to make effective applications because of their extensive library. It has lots of different filetypes and other features that help facilitate this task. It’s easy to navigate through the source code using its code navigation features.

7. Sublime Text

This code editor is famous because of its lightweight, feature-rich nature. You can customize it in its entirety and can support over 50 programming languages without plugins. It’s expandable with its plugins and has scripting capabilities.

Sublime Text 3 offers a paid license, but its features aren’t exclusive to paid users. The license only exists as a means of supporting the editor’s developers. So, if you’re using this code editor and can afford a purchase, give them a helping hand with your donation.

8. BBEdit

This is a freemium editor with an easy to understand user interface. It’s useful if you’re navigating directories or working with files. One of its most notable features is its advanced search and replace function, allowing you to replace variable names and other lines of code without trouble.

BBEdit also offers full UTF-8 support, FTP and SFTP support, character encoding conversion, and more. To get the most out of this editor, get its premium version since it has exclusive features that make coding even easier. If you aren’t sure whether this application is for you, avail of the 30-day free trial period.

Get the Best Code Editors Today!

These are some of the best code editors you can use on your Mac computer. Whether it’s an offline or online code editor, you deserve the best to make your coding tasks easier.

Of course, code editing is only one of the complex things you can do on a Mac. To discover even more convenient features, feel free to read more of our tech guides right here, today! We cover tons of informative topics to help you get the most out of your device.

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