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Tim Tracker Net Worth

Tim Tracker is famous for his blogging style and owns his channel on Youtube. He used to share and document all his experience on the camera and share it with the public. These videos gained a lot of attention from the crowd and got the audience’s love. He has gained his all earning the one source, which is Youtube.

Tim Tracker’s Early Life

When he was born, he was named Tim Tracker. This name throughout his life called him. He was landed on the particular date of 1st March in 1982. He was settled in Florida, which is in the USA. He was born under the star sign of Pisces. He holds the nationality of America. He had not disclosed anything about the information of his parents or siblings. He had said in an interview that he had attended high school and college. In his school, he was a timid person. He doesn’t like to talk to people. That’s why he didn’t go to school often. He would rather dwell in the home and watch movies or any Series. But that is why he had to make his career in the online platform.

Tim Tracker’s Career

He had entered the world of Youtube on 27th June 2007. On that day, he was entered into Social Media and uploaded his first video, which was known as Just Another delta II sunrise. It was the title of his video. His primary focus for his channel was traveling. He had also mentioned that “this is the best channel for the thing you are searching for .”He used to head forwards the Orlando, which is in Florida. He had done the traveling from Disney to Universal and showed the audience all the aspects of tourism. Then people used to subscribe to his channel, and he had gained 650,000 subscribers, and he had earned more than 650 million times. He used to shorten the Theme park. His subscribers rapidly grow in between the lag of 2014 and 2015. Most of his viewed channel was Ninjas At Rebounderz, which was uploaded on the 17thof December in 2010. The video had gained a aRound2.1 million views. In 2012, he opened another channel named 4th September 2012, which is known as My Theme Park POV. In that channel, he had subscribes 27,000. The view in that channel is nearly 8.5 million times. He usually shows the theme park such as Universal Orlando Resorts, Walt Disney World, Legoland Florida, and many more.

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Tim Tracker’s Personal Life

He got hitched to Jenn Tracker. She also had her own Youtube channel. He is very personal when it comes to private life. He had a son.

Tim Tracker’s Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $2 million which he had earned from the videos he used to make from Youtube.

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