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Amanda Knox Net Worth

Amanda had made her career as an author and an activist. She had made her career also as a journalist. She had spent four years of her life in jail for the accusation of murder. She was convicted of the murder of Meredith Kercher. She was a fellow student who used to stay with her in a room in the Perugia. The Italian Supreme court of Cassation exonerated her. She was convicted to 25-26 years in jail.

Amanda Knox’s Early life

Amanda was brought down on this earth with the name Amanda Marie Knox. She was brought down on this earth on 9th July of 1987. She was born in the land of Seattle, which is in Washington, US. She was the first child of her parents, and she was oy the eldest child of her parents. She was born to Edda Mellas and Curt Knox. Her mother was a Mathematics teacher, and Her father were working as a vice president of finance for a company named Macy. She was raised with his sister in West Seattle. When she was only ten years old, her parents were separated, and they took divorced other. Then her mother got married to Chris Mellas, who was an information technology consultant. She had done her schooling at the Seattle Preparatory School. Then she did her college at the University of Washington. While she was studying, she used to perform part-time jobs.

Amanda Knoxx’s Career

She had started her career by shifting to the Perugia. She had been there for the University and the popularity of its destinations. A lot of tourists visit there. It was the city for not having a murder in 20 years. In 2002, Perugia prosecutor Guiliano Mignini who was interested in playing the detective role gave the chance to participate in the investigation. The case started when she went to live in a 4BHK room in the Via Della Pergola. Her roommates were Two Italian Law Trainees. Then she shifted to another place on 10th September on 2007. She used to live with Diya Patrick Lumumba. But after some time, she left, saying that Lumumba was paying his rent. But in the court, Diya Refused it. Her friends knew that Knoxx was very much friendly with Italians. Then it was revealed that she was romantically involved with Silenzi before going to the club. It all happened three weeks Before the death, then one fine day, after coming from the friend’s house, Knoxx knew about her friend’s death. She was found guilty of the Incidents that all occurred. 

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Amanda Knoxx’s Personal Life

After shifting to the United States, she had to complete her degree. She had worked for her book. But she was followed by the paparazzi. Her family went into an excellent debut for the trials for her daughter, which are not solved. She had attended the events of the Innocence Project. She had also hosted the show named The Scarlet Letter Reports.

Amanda Knoxx’s Net Worth

She holds a net worth of $500 thousand. She had written many books for the accusation she was put into it. She had written the texts such as The Fatal Gift of Beauty, Meredith:Our Daughter’s Murder and the Heartbreaking Quest For the Truth, Waiting To be Heard:A Memoir, and Honour Bound. These are all the books that she had written. 

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