From his early rise in Ring of Honor to capturing championships and gaining a strong fan base in WWE, Owens’ wrestling prowess and versatility have solidified his status as a top performer. Additionally, his dedication to philanthropy, particularly in the realm of mental health, further showcases Owens’ impact both inside and outside the ring.

Net Worth

Kevin Owens, a highly influential figure in professional wrestling, has amassed a noteworthy net worth of approximately $3 million through his successful career in WWE and other promotions.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Kevin Owens’ early life and career beginnings can be traced back to his training under notable wrestlers such as Carl Ouellet, Jacques Rougeau, and Terry Taylor. Born in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada in May 1984, Owens made his professional wrestling debut in 2000 under his birth name, Kevin Steen.

Throughout his career, Owens competed in various promotions including International Wrestling Syndicate, Combat Zone Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, and Ring of Honor (ROH). It was in ROH where Owens achieved significant success, becoming the ROH World Champion and winning the ROH World Tag Team Championship with El Generico (Sami Zayn). He established himself as a prominent wrestler in ROH, gaining a strong fan following and displaying exceptional in-ring skills.

In 2014, Owens signed with WWE and joined their developmental brand NXT. He held the NXT Championship before making his WWE main roster debut in 2015. Owens went on to become the WWE Universal Champion, as well as a multiple-time WWE Intercontinental Champion and WWE United States Champion. Known for his unique wrestling style and versatility, Owens has had a significant impact on the wrestling industry. He is considered a top performer, influencing and inspiring aspiring wrestlers, and playing a crucial role in elevating the status of independent wrestling promotions. With his successful career, Owens has accumulated a net worth of $3 million and continues to be a respected figure in the wrestling community.

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Investments and Business Ventures

Kevin Owens has made several strategic investments and pursued various business ventures throughout his successful career in the wrestling industry. As a prominent figure in WWE, Owens has capitalized on his popularity and brand to generate additional income outside of the ring.

One of his notable business ventures includes running his own business, as mentioned on his Instagram profile. While the specifics of his business are not disclosed, this venture showcases Owens’ entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to diversify his income streams.

Additionally, Owens has been endorsed by WWE in merchandise sales and pay-per-view events. This partnership allows him to earn royalties from the sale of his merchandise, further contributing to his net worth. Owens’ strong presence on social media, with over 1.4 million followers on Twitter, also provides him with opportunities for sponsored posts and collaborations, which can be lucrative for wrestlers with a large following.

Furthermore, Owens has demonstrated his philanthropic side by donating profits from his merchandise sales to mental health organizations, including the Canadian Mental Health Association and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. This showcases Owens’ commitment to giving back to the community and using his platform to raise awareness for important causes.

Legal Issues and Financial Setbacks

Despite his successful career, Kevin Owens has experienced several legal issues and financial setbacks. One of the major legal issues Owens faced was a lawsuit filed against him by former WWE Superstar, Sami Callihan. Callihan claimed that Owens had stolen his finishing move, the Package Piledriver, and used it without permission. The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court, but it caused Owens a significant amount of stress and legal expenses.

In addition to legal issues, Owens has also faced financial setbacks throughout his career. Like many professional wrestlers, Owens has had to deal with the physical toll that wrestling takes on his body, leading to medical expenses and time away from the ring. In 2018, Owens underwent double knee surgery, which required him to take an extended leave of absence from WWE. This not only impacted his income, but also resulted in missed opportunities for merchandising and appearances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Wrestling Promotions Did Kevin Owens Compete in Before Joining Wwe?

Before joining WWE, Kevin Owens competed in several wrestling promotions, including International Wrestling Syndicate, Combat Zone Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, and Ring of Honor. He gained a strong fan following and displayed exceptional in-ring skills during his time in these promotions.

How Much Does Kevin Owens Earn From Merchandise Sales and Endorsements?

Kevin Owens earns a significant amount from merchandise sales and endorsements. While specific figures are not available, he is endorsed by WWE and runs his own business, indicating a substantial income from these sources.

Has Kevin Owens Made Any Television or Movie Appearances Outside of Wrestling?

Kevin Owens has not made any television or movie appearances outside of wrestling. His focus has primarily been on his successful career in professional wrestling, where he has achieved numerous accolades and established himself as a top performer in the industry.

Are There Any Legal Issues or Financial Setbacks That Kevin Owens Has Faced in His Career?

Kevin Owens has not faced any significant legal issues or financial setbacks in his career. He has been successful in accumulating wealth through his wrestling career and continues to generate income through various sources such as merchandise sales and appearances.

Besides Mental Health Organizations, Are There Any Other Charities or Causes That Kevin Owens Supports?

Besides mental health organizations, Kevin Owens has shown support for various other charities and causes. However, the specific charities or causes that he supports have not been mentioned in the available information.


In conclusion, Kevin Owens has had a highly successful career in professional wrestling, both financially and in terms of his impact on the sport. With his net worth of approximately $3 million, Owens has achieved great financial success through his wrestling contracts, championship wins, merchandise sales, and endorsements. Additionally, his philanthropy and charitable contributions have further solidified his influential presence in the wrestling community. Overall, Owens’ achievements and contributions make him a highly esteemed figure in the industry.

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