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Bernard Hopkins Net Worth

America has some of the world’s best boxers who have earned good fame due to their fantastic performance. Among the various fighters, Bernard Hopkins is one of the legendry boxers who has played very well at his times. From the early times, he was offered full support as he was earnest with this spot. His hard work bought him great success as there are several records and achievements on his name, which is really very impressive. If you are looking to extract better details about him, then you are accessing the suitable material as here you will get a clear idea about him.

Early life

Bernard Humphrey Hopkins JR, who has earned his fame as Bernard Hopkins, firstly opened his eyes on January 15th, 1956, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was born to Bernard Hopkins Sr. and Sue Hopkins. He had spent his childhood in the Raymond Rosen housing project located in one of the crime-based areas of Philadelphia. He was having a very dark teenage as he entered into the world of theft at 11 and visited ER three times with stabbed wounds. Later, he made an entry into a gang which made him familiar to crime incidents. He was found guilty of 9 felonies which was the main reason for 18 years of the sentence.

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Career beginning

Hopkins firstly entered the world of professional boxing as a light heavyweight in 1988 in Atlanta city. Unfortunately, he loses the match to Clinton Mitchell. The best thing about him is that he still continued to give his best and won several games. The disappointing part is that he was still not recognized as a professional boxer. In 1993, he got a significant break of his life when he faced a famous boxer named Roy Jones Jr. for the IBF middleweight. The fight lasted for several rounds, but he was not able to achieve a victory. His fight was not wasted this time as he was now recognized as the severe Fighter among the audience.

Finally, he got the title of IBF middleweight by knocking Segundo Mercado in the seventh round of the match. In the following years, he played several times ad retained the IFB title, and everyone was highly impressed by his amazing performance. Even he was honored as Fighter of the year, which was a great achievement for him.

In 2004, he faced off Oscar De La Hoya for the title of WBO Middleweight and won the match. He broke the record by becoming the first boxer to hold four championships in a row. Unfortunately, he lost the streak in 2005 after getting defeated by Jermain Taylor.

Personal life

Bernard got married to his wife Jeanette in 1993. They have given birth to a daughter named Latrice Hopkins. At present, they are living a very amazing life. Now he has changed and tries to stay away from the unpleasant acts as he has become a down-to-earth person.

Net worth

The net worth of Bernard Hopkins is estimated at $ 40 million, which is all because of his efforts in boxing.

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