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Bernard Berrian Net worth

Football is still a favourite sport of the majority of people in the entire world. They are highly impressed by the performance of the footballers in the game. Every individual has a different football player, which is their reason for getting involved in this game and enjoying it. Here we will discuss the talented football wide receiver known as Bernard Berrian. On December 27, 1980, he was very dedicated to playing football from the early days. He does not play football anymore but has been a source of motivation for many people.

Early life

Bernard was born in Spain and was raised up in the Winton region of California. Both parents of Berrian had served at Castle Air force Base. From the teenage his interest in football was noticeable. He attended the Atwater High School located in Atwater, California. This was a place where I got a chance to play football and basketball on a regular basis. You will be surprised to hear as he was honoured as the Modesto bee player of the year in 1998. Everyone was a fan of his performance from the school days as he got a title of an explosive two-way starter for Atwater High school.

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Career beginning

The professional career of Berrian began when the Chicago selected him bears with the 78Th pick of a third round of the 2004 NFL Draft. He didn’t get a chance to actively participate in-game as most of the time. He was assigned the position of return specialist and backup wide receiver. Surprisingly, his playtime was enhanced in 2005, but he was not able to play because of the injury for some time in the season. He tried to return in NFC divisional game but was asked to leave due to that injury.

In 2006, he got recognition as the most productive receiver of the Chicago Bulls. But he got heavily injured in November 2006 during a match against Miami Dolphins. Later in 2008, he was in the last year of contract with bears, who finalized about prevention of putting a tag of a franchise of him.

He signed a $42 million contract with Minnesota Vikings for 6 years in which $ 16 million was guaranteed money. He firstly got a chance to play against New Orleans Saints and end up winning the game after facing a tie. Due to the fantastic performance of the Berrian, he was listed among the top 10 players of the team. But after some time, there was a decline in his account, which affected his career. The resources revealed that it was the lowest potential offered by him in the entire job.

Personal life

As per the sources that Berrian is not dating anyone. At the age of 40, he is still living a single life. There are rumors that he was engaged to someone at one point in his life. But he is a very private person who does not like to reveal anything about his life.

Net worth

The net worth of Bernard Berrian is estimated at $ 25 million.

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