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Myth Net Worth

Myth had made his career on Youtube as a streamer and professional Fortnite Battle Royale. He had millions of followers on the social platform known as Twitch. He had owers of 2.4 million lowers in Twitch. He also had a channel on youtube, where he maintained followers of 4.5 million. There are millions of followers on Twitch. He doesn’t play in the team, or there is no particular team he has played.

Early Life

He was brought down in this world on 24 May 1999. He was taken down on this earth on Dearborn, in Michigan, Unites States. He followed the religion of Islam. He had mixed ancestry of Syrian and African – American. His uncle and aunt brought him. He used to call them mom and Dad. He also had 2 is siblings, one sister, and one brother. Her whole family lives in Michigan. He id done his schooling at Fordson High School. Before keeping his name as Myth, his other name was Ali Kabbani. From his childhood, he had suffered the most. His mother was not mentally stable, so she couldn’t be there for him when he was in a difficult situation. His brothers and sister were adopted by his uncle and aunt for these reasons.


He had started his career when he was only 14 years old. He had opened his own Youtube Channel. He used to play games and post videos on Social media. Them he had started to work with Twitch. He used to do live streaming from Twitch. The games which he played were Paragon and Miscreated. He had begun to use Twitch when the game Fortnite Battle Royale wasn’t there. He was recognized as the best player in Fortnite. In that game, he was recognized as the Best Builder man. For which he had gained many followers in Twitch. He had many followers on Youtube. His Youtube channel Name is Myth. He had great followers on Youtube in a million numbers. He had4.5 a million subscribers on Youtube. The views which he gained from Youtube were 349 million. He had been present in the Youtube form2013. He had crossed the 100k benchmark and 1 million subscriber benchmark from an early stage. On both platforms, he was active. He had great followers both on Twitch and Youtube. In his career, he had played for the team, which was named Team SoloMid. He was along with Daequan, DarryleHamlinz Hamlin, and Juan Camille Camilla in that team.

Along with jiabtema, he participated in various tournaments, such as Ninja Vegas Tournament in April 2018. He always says that his best friend is Sensay XD in their professional career. He was paid immensely for one of his games by the conduct owner. On 28 December 2021, he was declared openly in a live stream that he would not be seen playing with TSM anymore because of the departure of his close friends.

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Personal Life

Currently, he is unmarried and still wants to focus on his career. Earlier, he was not dating anyone. He had a crazy fan whose name is Tori Pareno. She is her great fan. She had an obsession with following her every place. She had retweeted about 15,000 times in Twitch. She had received a date from Myth.

Net Worth

He holds the total bet worth of $4 million, which he had got from his gaming platform and Twitch and Youtube. 

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