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Jerry West Net Worth

Jerry’s actual name is Jerome Alan West. He had chosen his career as a Basketball player. He was a retired player of basketball. He dabbled under the Los Angeles Lakers. Then Laker was under the NBA. Because of his style, he was known as Mr. Clutch. He had earned many awards for his playing career. In his career, he was the—Co-captain of the U.S Olympic gold Medal Team.

Early Life

When Jerry was born, he was given 28th May 1938. He was brought down on this earth on Chelyan in West Virginia. He holds the nationality of American. When he was born, he didn’t bear with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was the fifth child of his parents. He had taken birth from Cecil Sue West and Howard Stewart West. His mother was a housewife, and his father worked in the Coal mines as an Electrician. During his childhood, his father used to outrage him. He said in an interview whenever he slept. He slept with a loaded gun under his bed. He had a fear that, in a counterattack, he could kill his father. Earlier, West was an aggressive and Outgoing child, but after his brother died in the Korean War, he turned into a shy and introverted child. He had become so weak that he took injections of vitamins to prevent him from sickness. He had completed his schooling at the High School of East Bank. He had completed his high school studies in 1956. He had attended the University of West Virginia


He had started playing basketball at his college. From 1964, he had played under the college team. Be usually played under the position of Point Guard. His Jersey number is 44. From 1960 to 1974, he played for the Los Angeles Lakers. Then 1976 to 1979, he acted as the coaching teacher for the Los Angeles Lakers. When he was in the NBA, his career was most successful. When he was playing, he held the record NBA for thr highest point per game average in the Playoff series, with points he earned being about 47. The first component of the NBA Teams. At that time, he was only 32 years. He was the single-player who was the Finals MVP after being in the losing team. 

When he was playing, he had played for the NBA champion in the Year 1972, NBA Finals MVP in the year 1969, 14×MBA all-star from 1961 to 1974. He was the NBA assists leader in the year1972, NBA scoring champion in 1970, NBA 35th anniversary Team, NBA 75th anniversary, No44, retired by Los Angeles Lakers, NCAA final four Most Outstanding Player in 1959, 2×Consensus first-team All-American in 1959, 1960. He had He has been given the award of Presidential Medal Of Freedom. In his career, he had made 25,192 points, 5366 rebounds, and 6238 assists. In the Olympics, he earned a gold medal for the team in the 1960 Rome, and in 1959, Chicago Olympic the team also won the Gold medal.

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Personal Life

He got married to a childhood love named Martha Jane in l 1960. The couple got blessed with three sons, Mark Michael. They parted ways and took divorced in 1978. He again got married to Karen In 1978. He had two sons, whose names were Ryan and Ronnie. 

Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $50 million. He earned from his basketball career as a player and as a coach.

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