Anthony Cumia Net Worth

Anthony Cumia is a Radio Star. By professional, he is a radio person as well as a broadcaster. He had done many shows where he acted as host Opie and Anthony’s radio show, and he co-hosted the Show with Gregg. This Show was aired from the year 1995 to year2014. He was fired from the SiriusXM Radio station because of his racist comments and tweets.

Early Life

Cumia was born in the year 1961 on April 26th. He was born in Flushing, Queens, which is in New York. He had an ancestry of Italian and American families. He had a sibling of one brother and one sister. Her brother’s name is Joe, and his sister’s name is Dawn. He had completed her schooling at the Timber Point Elementary School, present in the East Islip. Then he completed her education at the Elwood John H Glenn High School, which is present in Elwood. In his school, there was a teacher who was an actress whose name was Joyce Mackenzie. His childhood was not so impressive, and he had seen his parent’s separation and roughness between them. His parents got divorced, and he lived with his father in California. 


Before getting into the radio world, he was initiated to sell the refrigerator, television, and Ventilation. He got inspired by his role model who’s name is Howard Stern and Don Imus. He had done several shows, which was On Aired on the Radio. He started his career by participating in the radio contest on the Show Nighttime Attitude Show. He entered the Show as his title as Rotgutwhich was recorded as “Gonna Electric Shock OJ.” He had done the Show, which was aired from the year1995 to 2014, which was named Opie and Anthony. The Show starred comedian Jim Norton in the year2001. He had also worked in the SIRIUS XM Radio. But unfortunately, he was fired from there due to his racist comments and tweets. He had started his Show, which was named “The Anthony Cumia Show.” This Show was aired in the year 2017.┬áIn this Show, he starred with Artie Lange. But in the year Lange, he left the Show which Dave Landau took.

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Personal Life

Cumia’s life story was very odd. His wife, whose name was Jennifer Cumia. His wife was dating Cumia’s brother Joesph. He became face to face in the year 1987. He began to date his brother’s girlfriend after their break-up. They got hitched with each other after dating for seven months. They got married to each other in 1989. But their relation didn’t work further. So they filed for divorce to end their relationship. He mentioned in an interview that marrying Jennifer was the biggest mistake of his life. After he got divorced, he was in a relationship with others named Jill Nilconi and Melissa Stetten. He was arrested for misbehavior with his girlfriend, who was the daughter of the Vinnie Brand. The owner of the Stress Factory. He was sent to jail for assault and criminal mischief; He was out without bail on December 21st. He was sent to rehab for his alcohol.

Net Worth

The net worth of Anthony Cumia is a total of $5 million. He gained through his radio career.

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