Kevin Harrington Net Worth

Kevin Harrington is an American entrepreneur and central Business executive. He had also done the Television series SHARK TANK. He appeared as a Keynote Speaker in the American Annual Invention trade show. He was born on the 15thof October in the year1956. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is present in the U.S. He got recognized through the show Shark Tank, in which he was a panel member.

Early Life

From a very early stage of life, he had struggled a lot. He was born in an Ohio family. He had the newspaper selling jobs. He used to sell newspapers door to door to earn some amount of money. So that he could spend his expenditures, he started his business success in very early life. When he was 15 years old, he started his own business. He began to sell his driveways in the summer days. Then, he began to sell baby chairs, from house to house. This made him experience the marketing field. This made him realize the secrets of success and how to simplify the meaning of success. Then he started working with small businesses and understood the strategies of marketing and business.


He established his first infomercial on cable network channels. Other channels, such as Vitamix, produced many media such as infomercial programs on television from 1949. Harrington replaced the timing of the broadcasters, and it went off the air with informative information. The president of National Media was very much impressed with the successful infomercial ads. He left the National Media in the year1994, and then he joined the “ The home shopping center.” He had become the co-founder of HSN DIRECT International Inc. He was the CEO (chief executive officer) and President from year1994 to 1998. From 2002, he became the President of the Harrington Business INC & Chairman of the ON TV INC. He became the Vice President of the Director of Thane International Inc. and Reliant International Inc. But he didn’t continue all the positions and quite some of these. He acquired some of the significant places in the history of business management. He was a panel member of the Shark Tank in 2009. He left the show after two seasons. He also served as the CEO OF the internet company Tv Goods, and senior Executive officer and chairman of the Boards of directors for the company called n on TV. Inc. He had also published some of the books known as Million Dollars Products.

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Personal Life

Kevin had married the love of his life, whose known as Crystal Harrington. The couple got blessed with two daughters. They named their daughters Megan Harrington and Kaitlyn Harrington. Their family had become fully complete as their daughters had arrived. Their family can say be a whole happy family.

Net Worth

The net worth of Kevin is around $500million. He is head of many Inc. and Ceo of the productions channels and media. He gained his entire net through all his works. The saying became true for Kevin “Hard works pays off.”

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