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Her name is ELLA MARIJA LANI YELICH-O’ CONNOR. BUT she is very in the field of singing. Her name is Lorde. She is a singer from New Zealand. She had kept her name becausthearistocracY it very much inspired her. BY her profession, she is a singer and also a songwriter. She used to hire musical styles and songwriters also. She mainly songs Electropop types songs. Her belieF in the aristocracy made her fans more loving and caring for her. Though her songs always rock on the stage. She always wants to do what will be perfect for her fans.

Early Life

She was born in Auckland, which is in New Zealand. She was raised in Devonport, which was the neighborhood of Auckland. She was born on the 7th November in the year1996. She holds the citizenship of New Zealand. In her childhood, she was very much interested in music, and she was looking forward to working. Her mother name was Sonija Yelich. She was raised and brought up by her mother and father. She is a poet, and her father is a Civil Engineer. They had four children, and she was the second child. She is indeed a strong girl. She always had a dream to sing on the stage and wanted to do it as soon as possible.


She worked under various labels such as UMG, LAVA, REPUBLIC. She knows the playing of the Vocals, piano, sampler, and xylophone. She had a great in her Teenage days. For her starting da, she signed the Universal Music Group in the year 2009. She collaborated with Joel Little in the year 2011. Her debut studio album was Pure Heroine. This album went immensely successful, and it was also a commercial hit. Her second studio album was Melodrama which was released in the year2017. This song hit the U.S billboard 200. She Was nominated for 2 Grammy Awards, Golden Globe, and a Brit Awards. She was recoShe was organized as the most influential teenager in the years 2013, 2014. She was also seen in the Forbes 30 Under 30. She also had co-songwriting with Broods and Breaches. Her songs sold in millions of pieces.

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Personal Life

Her mother was raised and brought in the Croatia Immigrants. Her father had Irish ancestry. She was in the was solved in the controversy. She had to cancel her many Israel tours. In her work time, it is rumored that Lorde and her song producer’s name was Jack Antonoff. They were secretly dating together. They had seen in together many times, but whenever she was asked in the interview, she usually denied the rumors that were spending like fire. She always said that they were good friends. In 2019, Lorde had put a ring in her ring finger, which raised many questions.

Net Worth

LORDE, known as “ELLA MARIJA LANI YELICH, had a net worth of $16 million. She had done many songs, albums, and many studio albums in her career. Her hard work pays off, and she truly deserves this amount.

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