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CJ is so cool real name is Cordero James Brady. He is a Famous American Youtuber. His Youtube channel name is CJ, SO COOL. SO he is popularly known as CJ SO COOL. He used to post prank videos, try not to laugh, and many entertaining videos on his channel. He gets millions of views in his videos. Sometimes he used to collaborate with his brother and his girlfriend. He is a famous YouTuber and worked very hard on his videos.

Early Life

He was born on the 29thyear 1989. He was born in Gary, Indiana. Everyone’s childhood is the best memory to be remembered. But not in the case of the CJ. His childhood was not that a prince’s life. He used to struggle a lot. His mother was a drug addict, for which CJ had suffered a lot. His father was in prison. He died in the dungeon only. He was left alone in the noisy world. He attended his schooling at the Theodore Roosevelt High School, which is present in the hometown of Gary. Then from he had participated in the WILLIAM A WIRT HIGH SCHOOL, where he completed his high school. After completing his schooling, he started his graduation in criminology, and he graduated from there. He had completed his graduation from Purdue University. He plunged in 2012and began in search of work.


He started his Youtube channel on the year 24th of December in the year 2014. He had worked in several places to earn money before starting his channel. His life was not only struggling but also full of loneliness. He used to work as a Poker dealer, blackjack, and casino craps. He makes various kinds of videos on his channels, such as prank videos and challenging videos, which greatly entertain the audience. His struggle didn’t stop here, but he had to face many controversies for his channel. Many Youtubers criticized CJ for stealing other Youtuber’s videos such as Pewdiepie, I DubbbzTv, I hate everything. He got many critics from others rather than his brother who’s name is Jinx. Another controversy he faced was the laxative prank, when he put a laxative in the children and showed them in pain, which gained a lot of hate in that video. Some people accused him of child abuse and poisoning. In his video, he said that his channel was hacked. He said that the problem was resolved later. The hacker deleted all the videos in his track, which made CJ made worried.

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Personal Life

He was born in Gary, who is in Indiana. As earlier, we know that his childhood was not a memorable one. So he used to struggle a lot with his life. He was very lonely in his childhood due to the wrong decision by his parents. He used to date a girl whose name was Charlene young. She had 3children from another man. The names of the children are Cordero and Camari.

Net Worth

The net worth of CJ so fantastic is around $6million in today’s era, and It is from his Youtube videos.

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