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Larenz Tate Net Worth

He is well known as Larenz Tate. He is well known for his acting, and he is an American actor. He is pretty famous for his role as O – DOG IN MENACE II SOCIETY. He had also worked in the movies such as Dead president, Love Jones, A MAN APART, WAIST DEEP, RAY, and many television series such as Rush and game of silence. 

Early Life

Born in the 8th September 1975 in Chicago, Illinois, US. He was born to Peggy and Larenz Tate. He was the youngest son of his parents. He was too small when his parents moved into the new city of California. Tate and his sibling convinced their parents to the best of possible to enter into the school drama, and finally, they got permission from their parents. But they couldn’t make it out in the school drama. But they gradually start appearing in small movies for minor roles. In 1985, he made his appearance in the screen debut in the episode “The NEW TWILIGHT.” He completed his graduation in the year 1993 from Palmdale High School.


At a very young age of his career, he joined television series such as 21 jump Street, and he had done a television movie whose name was The Women of Brewster Place. He had taken part in the family comedy series whose name was FAMILY MATTERS. Then he was a member of the CBS series whose name was The Royal Family, in which Redd Foxx and Della Reese were also there. Bu the show unevenly stops due to the death of the Redd Foxx. Rather than movies, he had also given his voice. He had also given his voice in 187Ride or Die. He started his collaboration with his siblings. Then he had many movies such as WHY DO FOOLA FALL IN LOVE, THE POSTMAN, A MAN APART, CRASH, WAIST DEEP, and many more. He had done the biopic of FRANKIE LYMON. This movie had a big theatrical release which was a millennial pop-over. He had also featured in the R&B SINGER Ashanti 2003 release. This was featured due to rising in domestic violence. In that, the state was an abusive husband in which he had gained many fandoms. In some time he plated the main and in some played the supporting roles in the films. The series of Tate is POWER BOOK V: influence.

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Personal Life

Tate married his love of the life who’s name is TomasinaParott. They married in the year 2006. They had three children. Once, he had said that his wife was his superpower. He said that his wife is a friend, her support system. He sees her wife as queen and wants to build his relationship very strong. He is always there for his wife when he needs him the most because he thinks that every person leaves at the end of the day, the family matters.

Net Worth

The net worth of the Tate is $4.5 million. He earned this money through his acting career. 

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