Robert Blake Net Worth

Robert Blake is also known as Michael James Gubitosi. By profession, he is an actor. He got his fandom by playing a role in the film in cold blood, “released in 1967. He had also done the series that was aired on the television released in the year 1970. The show was known as Baretta. He started to work at Avery young age of life. He had started his acting from the film as a child actor in the Red Ryder. In his movies, he had done several adult roles. 

Early Life

Robert was born in 1933 on the year18th September, and He was taken to the Giacomo Gubitosi and the Elizabeth Cafone. His father works in a car manufacturer. Blake’s parents had three children, and they performed an act in which Blake also acted. The show is stated as “The three little Hillibillies.” Blake’s parents shifted to California. Their children work in the movies. Everyone does have the best childhood, and childhood memory should be regarded as the best part of life. Blake doesn’t have a great childhood, and His father harassed him. His father is an alcoholic. He had stated in the interview that his parents sexually harassed him, and he used to get punishment to clean off the floor by eating through it. In his school time, he was all alone, and he used to get bullied by his friends. His father, who was an alcoholic committed suicide.


Brake was started his Career for acting, but he didn’t hit the ball at Six. He used to begin his Career working in the United States Army. At the age of 21, he didn’t have any job. He went into depression and had a dependence on drugs as well as cocaine and alcohol. He used to sell the roles. But slowly and steadily, he joined the acting classes to learn acting. He started to get his roles in television roles in the year 1956. He had done many movies as well as television series. He had done the Bridal suite in 1939. He had done Joy scouts in 1939. In his Career, he had many movies in his acting career. HEhaDmade Surprised Parties, Kid Glove Killer, China Girl, Unexpected Riches, Family Trouble, and many more. 

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Personal Life

Blake got married to the love of his life in 1961 to an actress who’s Sondra Kerr. But their marriage didn’t work together, and finally, they filed for a divorce in the year1983. The couple got blessed with two children whose name was Noah Blake and Delinah Blake in 1966. In the year, he met with another woman and married Bankley. His second wife was murdered with the pistol which Blake owned. He was sent to jail, and later, he was released from prison.

Net Worth

The net worth of blame is around $3million, and he got from the films he had earned through cinema.

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