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We’ve all gone through those moments when you think to yourself What on Earth should I get for my boss? and spent hours and sometimes even day brainstorming all the possible ideal ideas. Fortunately, this has come to an end because, with this little guide, you’ll easily pick out the perfect present for your lady boss and have supplies for future years as well. From handy power banks to stylish clutches and cute Zen gardens, you’ll certainly find the best pick for your lady boss.

Slim travel power bank

Boss ladies are always on the go and usually glued to their smartphones. This takes lots of toll on their devices, which is why they’ll need to have it charged all the time in order to have all the calls, answer e-mails quickly and finish all the tasks possible through their phones. Therefore, a slim travel power bank will be one of the great gift ideas for your lady boss because it will prevent her from stressing out if her smartphone suddenly reaches 5% battery life.

Personalized clutch

A trendy clutch is always a must, and if your boss lady is also a fashionista, she’ll appreciate this sort of present immensely. What’s more, if you decide to personalize it and get her a stylish and unique monogram clutch, it’ll have even bigger importance and leave a huge impression. This will show her that you truly cared about her present and did your best to make it special for her. From nude to black, lilac, grey and burgundy, you can choose from a wide selection of colours and pick the perfect one for your boss.

A gift certificate

Sometimes when you can’t decide what to get someone, and you really don’t want to go for the wrong gift, a gift certificate is a safe bet. This is especially true if you opt for a gift certificate at a spa. Your boss can have all the luxury and pampering she wants, without you paying specifically for one treatment but allowing her to have whichever one she wants and needs to feel fresh again. If you know that she’s a make-up lover, a gift certificate at a beauty store can also make her very happy and save you the trouble of looking for a specific gift.

A set of cosmetic essentials

Is your boss lady one of those women who pay lots of attention to their skincare? If so, then buying her a full set of skincare products wrapped in a nice gift basket can be a wonderful present. Throw in a bubble bath, essential and massage oils, body scrubs, a body lotion, a loofah sponge, a body mist and some nice foot and face masks. She’ll certainly be delighted to get a full stock of beauty essentials and pamper herself on her days off without having to leave the house.

Mini Zen garden

We all need to disconnect from time to time and be completely alone with our thoughts. In those moments, we often need something to keep our hands occupied as well. A mini Zen garden is the perfect example of a calming toy for adults, which will help your boss get their chill back in a matter of minutes. They can keep it at their office for whenever they feel like they should destress and find their centre.

Thermal travel coffee mug

A thermal travel coffee mug will come in handy on cold mornings when your boss is in such a rush that she doesn’t have the time to have her morning cup of joe at home. She can simply pour it inside the thermal mug and enjoy a warm brew throughout an entire morning at the office. Later, she can even fill it up with refreshing juice and keep it cool for hours when she needs to rehydrate at work.

Final thoughts

Buying your boss a gift doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore. Just make sure you’ve checked all the suggestions from the list and you’ll certainly find at least one that’s more than convenient for your boss lady. Whether you opt for a monogrammed clutch, a gift certificate, a power bank or maybe a Zen garden, your boss will get a unique present that will make her very happy.

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