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Bill Walton Net Worth

Bill Walton is one of the most famous former basketball superstars, a TV sportscaster and an actor. He becomes so much popular when he played in 1970 for the john wooden powerhouse UCLA bruins. Walton won the college player of the year award three times. He has also played basketball for NBA and won two championships NBA. He was considered the best and most valuable player at that time. Bill Walton is also well known for his acting skills in little Nicky, forget Paris, and he got game. He suffered from so many foot injuries in his career.

Early life

Walton was born on the 5th of November in 1952. His birthplace is la mesa, California, USA. You might not be aware of the thing that the birth name of bill Walton is William Theodore Walton III. He is the son of William Theodore Walton and Gloria Walton. He has an older brother whose name is Bruce Edward Walton, who is also a professional athlete. He went to helix high school and graduated in 1974. When he was seventeen years old, when he played for the United States men national basketball team in 1970, he played basketball games for four years at the University of California.

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Career beginning

When he completed his graduation, he was picked into the BA draft and was also selected as the number one overall player. He has also gone the savior of the franchise and was highly predicted. But in his career, he has got so many injuries on his foot, nose and wrist which basically ruined his very first two seasons. When he became physically fit then, he played for about 65 basketball games. after some time, the bill suffered from foot injuries, and he took the decision of quitting the blazers.

A clipper, bill played only 14 games. In 1985 he was traded for the Boston Celtics, and then he also won the NBA title with this team in the year 1986. he again suffered from the injury, and then he decided to take retirement in 1990 because of injuries. In his career, he won the Emmy when he worked for the environmental documentary, and in 2003, he was also nominated as a man of the year. He was a brilliant basketball player, and he took a very honorable retirement from his work.

Personal life

He first married Susan Guth, and their marriage survived for ten years. They have four children. In 1991 he married Lori Matsuoka, and they are currently living in the hometown of Walton, San Diego. His son Luke has decided to the NBA, and he has also won the finals twice. It has been rumored that he attempted suicide because of his recurrent pain, and he has admitted this thing in June 2010.

Net worth

Walton’s career was ultimately successful in basketball, and he has a career in the television industry also. It has been estimated that the net worth of bill Walton is 23 million dollars.

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