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Bill Nuti Net Worth

William R Nuti is a very popular American businessman located in New York. He has given contribution to the business industry of the United States to a large extent as he was a CEO and chairman of the NCR corporation from 2005 until 2018. It was not the board of members who took him down from his position, but he resigned himself from that particular position because he was no longer capable of providing his contribution to the fullest to the industry. Later on, he joined AT&T. He is the holder of a BSC in finance and economics. The college which he attended for his graduation and post-graduation was C.W.Post College.

More about bill

As we have already mentioned, he got his graduation done from the Long Island University in 1986. He attended the college C.W.post college, and he has done BSC in finance and economics from this particular college. Due to his educational and experience qualities, he qualified for the post of CEO in the NCR. He got handsome pay in this company as he was the chairman and CEO at the same time. He got widespread global recognition because he took the company to the heights of success by his own hard work along with the board members. He had a very successful career in the business industry of the United States and given his contribution a lot to the same thing.

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About his career

When he was studying in college, he also used to work for IBM. He was the one who sold copiers from IBM, and after his graduation in 1986, he decided to work as a full-time job position in IBM. Later on, he also started selling telephone systems which were made by IBM, and in 1988, he decided to resign from his position at IBM for getting joined a start-up company named network equipment technology. The company which he joined after leaving IBM was based in San Jose, California. It was 1990 when he left the network equipment technology and joined Netrix. The post that he got in this particular company was the regional manager. Later on, a customer of Netrix named Cisco hired bill in 1991. In 1997, being a member of the CISCO company for the Asia-Pacific region, he decided to move to Singapore. Later on, he was shifted to London and then to Africa. He was given transfers a lot of times, and he used to get doubled revenue from the regions, which he was shifted later on. After his efforts and contribution to the company, he decided to shift back into CISCO’s headquarters, and he was given the post of senior vice president. He used to manage companies worldwide service provider business, and along with that, he also used to look after the US theatre operations.

Personal life

Bill was a very popular speaker, and therefore, in 2014, he became the primary speaker at Dubai international project management forum. As he was a very good speaker, he also got a chance to speak at the White House forum on strategy for American innovation. If you talk about their personal life, he lived and was raised in a two-bedroom apartment in the Bronx. He started working as a newspaper delivery boy when he was just nine years old to earn some money, and now, he is living in New York City with his wife, Michelle. They both also have a son together.

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