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Billy Connolly Net Worth

Here we are discussing the legendry personality named Billy Connolly, who is a former actor, artist, musician as well as presenter based on Scottish industry. Connolly is 78 years old at the present time and has also been recognized as name Big Yin especially in his hometown. He has some exceptional talent which is the reason he performed comedy in a significant manner and mainly specialized in his observational comedy. The reports suggest that Connolly is also recognized as one of the highly influential stand-up comedians of all time. There is rarely any person in the United Kingdom who is not obsessed with the stand-up comedy of this artist.

Early life

Connolly was born on November 24, 1942, in Anderston, Glasgow. Connolly was born to catholic parents named William Connolly and Mary Mclean, who belong to Irish descent. His mother left them when he was just four years old, and his father raised him. At that time, his father was working as an engineer in the Royal Air Force in Burma. The living condition of the family was not so good as they were living in the flat which had only two rooms and everyone used to take a bath in the kitchen sink. 

Even Connolly mentioned in one of the interviews that he and his sister were taken care of by her two aunts, who were his father’s sisters. He used to listen to being stupid in a consistent manner by his aunt, which still affects him at the present time. There is no clear idea about his educations because he had a dark childhood where a couple of incidents took place.

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Career beginning

It was the 1960s when he first attended the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the very first time. He had spent most of his time at the city’s Rose Street, where he patronize a couple of different Drinking establishments. Some of the musicians enamored him which admired him for going for the modeling. He finished a five-year apprenticeship at the boilermaker company. Later, he accepted to join a ten-week job building at the oil platform in Nigeria. 

He bought his first banjo from the Barrowland market after observing The Beverly Hillbillies. Connolly then formed the folk-pop duo with the Humblebums, and Gerry Rafferty accompanied them. Their band signed with an independent label named The Transatlantic Records and record one album. Due to some personal reasons, Harvey made his mind to the left the trio and Connolly and Rafferty decided to continue the band and launched two more albums. They did not attain the expected response from the public at that time.

In 1972, he decided to do something in the comedy line and made his theatrical debut at Cottage Theatre in Cumbernauld. He was able to impress a wide range of audiences, which let him offered several opportunities to work in various shows. Connolly’s first album was launched by Nat Joseph, and it attained a very fantastic response.

Personal life

Connolly was married to Iris Pressagh in 1969, but they got divorced in 1985. He is the father of five children at present, which are from his two marriages.

Net worth

The net worth of Billy Connolly is estimated at $20 million at the present time.

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