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Bijan Sabet is a trader and entrepreneur based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He is the Co-Founder and General Partner at Spark Capital. He has worked with several financial institutions and companies before he came forward to found his own company and a general partner. He loves his work and remains confined to Spark Capital only. Well, let us dig in more about him and his life in the following paragraphs. 

Early Life

He was born in Boston and was brought up in the same place. His parents were also from the same field, which gave him the chance to explore this field, making him confined to it after his college days as well. He stood with his parents in the Bay area as well before he returned to join Boston College completing his graduation in 1991. 

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Career Beginning 

After he completed college, he took time to explore the career options and then finally joined different companies like Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Oculus, Cruise, Pendo, Perch, and Niantic to name a few. Besides, he has remained active in other institutions working in similar areas with groups like Beaver, and St. Mary’s School working as a Member Board of Trustees. He is also serving as a Member of the National Finance Committee with President Biden, which speaks about his expertise in this field. 

In 2005, he co-founded his trading and Investment Company called Spark Capital working as a General Partner and since then he has remained as an important element of his company. He along with his five partners embarked with his company that deals with venture capital in the US particularly dealing with the early-stage funding for several successful startup companies like Twitter, Slack, Warby Parker, and many more. His company has its branches in cities like New York, Boston, and San Francisco. 

In his company, BijanSabet has an important role and contribution while setting up its approach right. This has led his company to reach its success and it is attributed to his vision of focussing more on the areas like media, cell phones, and entertainment sectors. He was able to come up with some information-sharing units within his company, which helped everyone with the portfolio company that comes with some interesting facts. 

He was able to raise six different newbies stage guns along with the 3 growth funds. While being a general partner and a co-founder of the company, he was able to manage four billion USD through his venture along with several venture growth funds. Now, let us dig in more about his personal life in the following heading. 

Personal Life 

He is currently based in the bay area and has been living outside Boston for the last ten years or so. He got married to his old-time friend and girlfriend Lauren Sabet who is not the CEO of the Sabet family. Talking about his kids, he has three children and they remain a happy family. He likes to travel and explore new places with his family. 

Net worth 

The net worth of BijanSabet is estimated at around 10 M USD. 

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