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William Edward David Bill Allen is the President and chief executive officer of the county of Los Angeles economic development corporation and its all the subsidiary departments. This is the work related to World Trade Centre Los Angeles. Bill Allen is also a vice-chairman of the economic alliances and the San Fernando Valley. The board of directors of the Weingarten Foundation, California network, regional economic association leader of California. He is also a Los Angeles area Chamber of Commerce chairman, and many other economic and jobs related are listed in the personal bio of Bill Allen. He is active in the regional economic development of Los Angeles for more than 20 years. Bill and was the first CEO of the financial analysis of the San Fernando Valley from 1990-2000.


Bill Allen’s father’s side family was brought up in London. He was educated at Eton College during the year 1914 to 1918. In his college, the bill had begun to learn the Russian and Turkish language and published his first book when he was 18. He is also a British caller Foreign Service officer and works as a politician as well. At the start of his career, his mother-son was his personal needs and Enterprises and turnaround 1935. We also provide the home at Commonwealth house where he and his siblings could bring their guests at the weekend and enjoy their vacations.

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Personal life

He was married to his lady Phyllis Edith King from 1897-1947. In his life, he had 3 marriages with the most beautiful and famous models of the film industry.

Main works

He wrote a book name the Turks in Europe in 1919. There are new political boundaries set up by Mr. Bill in the Caucasus, in the geographical journal. He also wrote problems of Turkish power in 1963. And the Russian Embassies to the Georgian Kings in 1970.

About political career

Bill Allen also has the Global experience of international senior executive human resources and expertise. He also has a record of driving outstanding business results on a remarkable scale globally.

  • He is also skilled in leader with proper ability and develops the different execute strategies for competitive advantages.
  • Exceptional managers and the transformation agent are also the ultimate to building and leading high-performing terms.
  • He is also a trusted partner of Executive management and the board of directors.

In adding now, reason famous actor played a most popular role in Rad the famous film of 1986. He also appeared in different television web series, including the family ties, and give this special appearance and performance in acting.

Net worth

The net worth of Bill’s album is approx 1-5 million dollars. His main income of source is the primary income source diplomat, and this is his main profession. You can check out his social media handles and Twitter account for up-to-date information. There you will find out detailed information about his political works and other professionals as well.

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