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Big herc was born on the 30th of August in the year 1968; here is a 51 years old rapper and underground hip hop. Big herc is an American rapper; he debuted his rapping career in 1997 and is still active in the industry. Big herc worked primarily under the label named rock bottom entertainment; the associated acts with big herc are rock bottom alongside the good squad. Big herc correspondingly owns a youtube channel with a significant subscriber. However, the personal and professional life of herc is a bit anonymous; that is why below mentioned are some of the interesting facts regarding the American rapper, big herc, so without worsening any supplementary ado, let’s dive in. 

Early life

Big Herk, real name Amery Dennard was born on the 30th of August in Detroit, Michigan, United States. As mentioned ahead, he worked under a mere unified record label named rock bottom entertainment, all the more he flamed up his rapping career by signing up a contract with the rock bottom. However, due to few unrevealed reasons, big herc was excluded from the label, and later, he released his foremost single guilty as charged. Moreover, herc was later signed in a movie named project 1313, all the more he collaborated with the slum village in an album named Detroit Delhi. 

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Amery Dennard, nickname big herc, collaborated with Obie trice for an album; the fact might amaze you that the album featured a renowned rapper Eminem. The American rapper was about to release his foremost solely album in the year 2013.

The album was named overdose; you might be wondering from where did the name big herc derive. Big herc is a personality in the popular video graphic game named def icon. The albums released by big herc under the rock bottom label are from the bottom up, who are rock bottom and the alligator city.

The solo album’s release by herc is guilty, the bloodline, overdose, all the more mixtapes released by the American rapper are got’ch back ent presents and still guilty. Despite these albums, the artist has released ample singles in their career. The relationship status of big herc is a bit confidential, conferring the robust sources, and analysts’ herc is currently not dating anyone. The social media forums used by herc are merely twittered, and the zodiac sign of big herc is vigor. The Instagram handle of big herc is bigger916.

The singles released by big herc are as follows, trap going ham, ima boss, living da life, do what you do, and many more. Herc has made a cameo, and guest appearance in ample songs and movies, some of them are it’s on, block niggas, Detroit vs. everybody, in the hood, block niggas, bag money, can’t hold me back, everywhere we go, they don’t know and many more. In a nutshell, big herc is the utmost popular rapper of his age group. 

Net worth

The net worth of big herc is between $1 million- $5 million. 

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