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Billy Jamieson Net Worth

William Jamieson is professionally recognized as Billy Jamieson. He is a reality TV star, antique dealer and a Canadian Treasure. He was also recognized as Headhunter. Billy gained prominence for his appearance on History Channel on the show Treasure Trader. He was a world-famous and renowned dealer of tribal art, and he was also known as having “a taste for bizarre”.  Billy is known as a treasure hunter that “is Indiana Jones, minus aliens, savage tribesmen and the rolling boulders”. Billy was only famous, but he gained international prominence when a different thing happened, and he discovered the Pharaoh Ramses 1 lost mummy.

He has dealt in a wide array of curiosities, including shrunken heads, mummies and his clientele including Metropolitan Museum of Art, Christie’s, Royal Ontario Museum and Sotheby’s, along with rock stars like Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger.

Early Life

Billy Jamieson was born in 1953 on 3rd July in Brampton. He was born and raised by his parents in Brampton. He dropped out his school at 14 and had to work in sales for quite a long time. Eventually, after some time, he became self-employed at waterproofing basements. In 1995, an experience changed his life when he overdosed on PCP. Because of overdose, he made many wrong decisions and out of which one was selling his business and then he shifted to South America. It was when his interest in shrunken heads developed, and he started trading them.

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Career Beginning

He worked hard and self-educated himself, and he became an art dealer who became famous across the world. His clientele included rock stars Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger and Sotheby’s, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Christie’s and Royal Ontario Museum. All his collection was housed in a loft in Toronto that also functioned as a museum that included torture devices, mummies, shrunken heads, electric chairs and all Halloween parties, which are also recognized as legendary.

Jamieson’s loft in Toronto is of three storeys that is 6000 square feet that housed all his exclusive collection that was described as part Twilight Zone, part Madame Tussauds that Tamara de Lempicka understood. Visitors to the Toronto loft included Tim Burton and Steven Tyler. In 2011 on 3rd July, Billy died, and after his death, all his Toronto collection was auctioned off. The auction items included multiple parts of Jumbo’s task, including “butt in a box” and an electric chair.

In 1999, Billy Jamieson closed the Niagara Falls Museum after drinking opium tea. In Niagara Falls Museum, there were around 700,000 objects, and one of the mummies in the museum was verified as the mummy of pharaoh Ramses I.

Personal Life

Jamieson died because of a heart attack on his couch in 2011 on 3rd July. His housemaid found his body. After his death, all his items or collection were auctioned.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Billy Jamieson is approximately $5 million. There are no details about his house or cars, and it is unknown how luxurious life he lived.

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