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Michael Craig Judge was born on seventeen October 1962, and he is a prominent voice actor, film actor, animator, producer, musician, director, and writer. He is well-known as the creator of Beavis and Butthead, the animated television series that was recently reprised. He has also helped significantly create the King of The Hill, a prominent television series that lasted till 2010. Some of his other co-creations are Mike Judge Presents, Silicon Valley, and The Goode Family. He has written and directed Butthead Do America with Beavis, Extract, Office Space, and Idiocracy.

Early Life

Judge is originally from Ecuador and was raised in New Mexico. He has also studied in San Diego at the University of California, and he has a major in physics. He lost interest in his scientific career and started focusing on the creation of short movies and animations. He developed Frog Baseball, which he adapted in Beavis and Butthead, a successful MTV series that eventually spawned Daria’s spin-off and a 1996 feature movie. Judge collaborated with the previous writers of The Simpsons to develop King of the Hill, which made its breakout on Fox in 1997, and it was a loved art by audiences and critics. The show ran for thirteen seasons, and it became the most extended American animated series of the time. During the show, Judge took some time off to direct Idiocracy, Office Space, and Extract. Judge created his third show like King of the Hill was ending, named The Goode Family, which aired on ABC. This show received multiple mixed reviews but ended up being canceled after the thirteenth episode. For four years, he took a hiatus and created another show named Silicon Valley, which aired on HBO.

Career Beginning

He graduated from the UCSD, and he then held several mechanical engineering and physics jobs but found himself becoming more bored with the branch of science. He has moved to silicon valley to join the graphical art directory of Parallax. The video card company had forty employees and was based in the area of Santa Clara in California. He ostracized the culture of the company and his colleagues, and he often considered the people he met to be like Stepford Wives. The companies believed in something honestly, but Judge never truly knew what it was. He quit after a few months and became an outstanding bass player while he was touring with the Blues.

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Personal Life

Judge married Francesca Morocco in 1989, and they remained married for twenty years till 2009. They have two daughters and a son with whom he resides in Malibu and Austin. He has played characters from both political sides, but he never expresses which side he belongs to off-camera. Salon often sometimes considers Judge has a sharp vision that is ruthless and sometimes edges around libertarianism from South Park. He is incredibly against war, and he does not engage in any useless political jokes but will not associate with war-supportive politicians.

Net Worth

The current average and approximate net worth of Mike Judge is about 75 million dollars. He has accumulated most of this wealth from his performance as an actor and animator. He has helped create several long-running shows and also is still active in the industry.

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