Popular singer Armel Pineda net worth , career and past life

Arnel Pineda is one of the famous Filipino musicians winning the hearts of millions of people with his mind-blowing music. He is also well-known for his best singing talent and songwriting. With his great interest in leading a successful career, he now gained fame as the best singer all over the world. Compared to any other musicians, this talented musician has a great fan following, especially youngsters are crazy about Arnel Pineda and is one of the highly searched people on the internet.

Past Life – Born on 5TH September 1967 in Tondo, Manila, Philippines, this famous musician’s father’s name is Restituto Listing Pineda and mother, Josefina Manansala Campaner. He has two brothers Russmon Pineda and Jolesito Pineda. Arnel Pineda’s past life had so many hurdles where his mother passed away when he was just 13 years old. Since then, to ease his father’s burden, Arnel quit school and started earning some odd jobs.

With his passion for singing, Arnel becomes the lead singer of the Filipino group Ijos in the year 1982 at the age of 15 years. In the year 2001, he married Cherry Pineda and has three sons Cherub, Matthew, and Angelo, and one daughter Thea Chenelle Pineda. He is currently living between the Philippines and United stated with his wife and children. It’s been a decade now Arnel came into limelight and still having the same craze and demand for his entertainment.

Career – Arnel Pineda, with lots of struggles and hurdles in life, started his career in when he was just 15 years and proved himself as the best lead singer. Since then, he utilized his talent and started rocking the music world with his mind-blowing music and formed a local band in the Philippines in the year 1982. By seeing his craze among youngsters, Journey guitarist Neal Schon got impressed and recruited Arnel Pineda at the helm of the Zoo in a series of YouTube clips. It is believed by Arnel that singing with Journey helped him a lot in building more confidence, which in turn helped him focus more on his career.

With his interest in songwriting, Arnel Pineda has released two solo albums in the years 1999 and 2016. Arnel believes that without the support of his parents and bandmates, his Journey towards a successful career not possible. The best thing about Arnel Pineda is his voice is quite similar to Steve Perry, which is one of the reasons for his fame in the music world.

Net Worth – As per various online resources, Arnel Pineda’s net worth is around $15 million. His main source of earning is as a musician but is also earning a good amount as a songwriter. As per Record sales 2008, the estimated earnings from the album Revelation with Journey was around $1,800,000, and estimated earnings from the album Eclipse with Journey as per Record Sales 2011 was around $200,000. Arnel, apart from music and songwriting, also does many endorsements for which he earns a handsome amount of money.

Arnel Pineda is now a very popular and powerful bad vocalist and is a great inspiration for millions of youngsters.

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