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Neil Oliver “Bing” Russell is the full name of Bing Russell, and he owns a baseball club and actor based in America. Kurt Russell, the famous Hollywood actor, is the son of Bing Russell, and he is the grandfather of actor Wyatt Russell and Matt Franco, a baseball player. He died in 2003 on 8th April at the age of 76.

Early Life

Neil Oliver Russell was born in 1926 on 5th May in Brattleboro, Vermont, U.S. He was Warren Oliver Russell and Ruth Steward. He was of American Nationality. At a very young age, Bing wanted to become an actor and earn name and fame. To pursue his acting career, he first started taking drama classes at Brattleboro High School. His parents raised him in St. Petersburg, Florida, around the spring training camp of New York Yankees during the 1930s and 1940s. His father used to run floatplanes and was in the plane service.

Because he used to live near the training camp of New York Yankees, he became an unofficial mascot of New York Yankees. He became friends with good players like Joe DiMaggio and Lefty Gomez. One of his friends, Lou Gehrig, was injured, and he got weakened because of his illness and at that time, he has Bing, the bat that he used to hit before retiring. Russell completed his graduate studies from Dartmouth College with a degree in business management.

During the 1950s, Bing ran Restaurant in New Hampshire, where he fell in love with his co-working waitress named Alfreda Couitt. He got married to Alfreda.

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Career Beginning

Russell made his first debut film titled Cavalry Patrol. His audience loved him for his role in Bonanza and Robert in a movie titled Magnificent Seven. Russell was guest-starred in numerous episodes of multiple television series, including Johnny Ringo, Playhouse 90, The Twilight Zone, I Dream of Jeannie, The Mod Squad, The Big Valley, The Loretta Young Show, Wagon Train, Highway Patrol, Ben Casey, The Donna Reed Show, The Rockford Files, and Little House on the Prairie, Alias Smith and Jones and more.

In 1963, Russell appeared in “The Measure of a Man” on Western series titled Death Valley Days. In 1965, he appeared in the TV series The Monkees as Rudy, the group manager and record store owner after the series was given greenlit by NBC. There was an edited version of the original pilot where Russell appeared as part of the series.

Personal Life

Bing Russell got engaged to Louise Julia Crone in 1946 but got separated. He then married Alfreda Couitt in the 1950s, and Bing is the father of four children, including Kurt Russell, Golden Globe-nominated actor. Bing died on 8th April in 2003. One of his child’s names is Jill Russell.

He has earned numerous awards in his journey that made him gain prominence in the industry. He was the grandfather of Wyatt Russell and Matt Franco.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Bing Russell is approximately $900,000.

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