What is a Boarding School?

Residential private institutions, such as boarding schools require students to live on campus during the school year. College-like dorms and residence halls are common, but mostly for high school students. Boardingschools.ca are designed to help students focus on their studies, develop, and realize their full potential. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending your kid away to boarding school because of a job need or because you want the greatest education for your child.

How to get students ready for the Boarding life

A wealth of information is available to help parents prepare their children for boarding school. As a starting point, here are some of the articles’ recommendations:

  • Have a plan in place before you arrive. Your kid should be aware of the positive aspects of living in a shared apartment with other students from across the world, many of whom will be from different backgrounds. Students who share a residence hall see new habits and cultures firsthand and develop connections that last a lifetime.
  • Make a schedule. If your kid can perform specific duties and functions before kid leaves for school, it will benefit. For example, he/she wakes up earlier than usual, makes his bed, cleans his room, eats regularly, and plans duties and activities for the next day and beyond. 
  • Encourage your kid to participate in extracurricular activities that will allow him to meet people who share his interests and foster a sense of community. Suggest that he look into activities that he enjoys and can do with others. Friendships are priceless, and the ones you form in school will last you through college and beyond.
  • Stay in touch, but don’t go overboard with the talking. Even while it is recommended that you keep in touch with your son while he is away at school, you should exercise restraint. For example, you should refrain from making nighttime phone calls to your kid since he needs time to himself. In addition, Cadets use such time to complete their homework or socialize with their classmates and become a part of the school community.

Top 5 Reasons to choose Boarding School in California

Even in a boarding school, the extracurricular activities offered to pupils are equally as vital as the curriculum itself. Many schools don’t have a beachside location, yet that’s exactly what sets the Academy apart. The following are my top five favorite things about attending college in California:

The Weather

Aside from its laid-back demeanor and A-list celebrities, the state of California is well-known for its bright year-round skies. Only a few inches of rain will fall on the worst days, and it will fall for only several hours. Having access to this entire means that you’ll never find yourself bored and unable to leave the house. Considering that most boarding schools are located towards the east and the furthest west, this is a welcome difference.

The Beach

Warm weather and our proximity to the shore make for an ideal match. Every day after school, you’ll see Cadet Students in wet suits and carrying surfboards entering the Rec Hall through a separate entrance between the Chapel and the school’s gymnasium. If you’re feeling extra daring, you could always join a neighborhood volleyball game.

The Food

The cuisine of California reflects the state’s openness to other influences. Foods from throughout the world can be found on a single street in many parts. European and Asian cuisine can be found despite Mexican and fast food dominance. You’ll inevitably consume Mexican food more than once; how could you not? Everything is created to exacting standards right here.

The General Public

In California, you’ll find a unique culture that you won’t find elsewhere. Anyone from a weekend surfer to a curious stranger can be seen at the beach. It’s almost as though time slows down in California because of the laid-back attitude of the locals. Even though it’s difficult to explain, there’s a certain allure to this way of life.

The Shops

It won’t take long to discover that Carlsbad has a wide variety of businesses and shops, and if you keep up with the weekend mall travels, you’ll find even more. In addition to the usual suspects like coffee shops and chocolate cafés, you’ll also come across upscale and budget-friendly barbers and even a business selling military surplus. You can always expect to find new and inventive things in California.

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